Hey Dad

hey dad, been a while since we had a heart to heart, the hot trails down my cheeks are your disappointment in the place you have to watch me sit in wallowing in my depression like a pig in mud unknowing that the farmer comes and he has no more slop just a gun I […]


I held her while she confessed her love to another man 725000 pounds per square inch is required to form a diamond I had told her how I felt for her an hour prior 8 pounds to tear off an ear it was crushing, I had no chance 11 to collapse a trachea, 33 to […]


I saw a beautiful hawk circling majestically over a field this morning slowly spinning lazy circles, lower and lower to the ground before diving down for a tasty snack as much as I want to be the hawk I know my place snatched into sharp talons and taken to a place of consumption motes of […]

Chin Up

woe is me. we look at our lives and see the shit streak of luck and it crushed us. it is bad, right? why is everything so terrible? will it ever get better? then it gets worse. we relish the idea of the normal things we complain about. want to go back to those simpler […]

Rock Bottom

there is a magical combination of booze and weed that exists. it is a tricky combo to find, but when you do it takes everything bad and smushes it into a ball that you can feel radiate horror but also manage to somewhat ignore. it is hard to hit that point and stop. a shot, […]


I am standing in the midst of a blizzard of playing cards. they fly about slicing into me and it is all I can do to protect my eyes. it is in slow motion and I watch every single one fly at me. an ace of spades nearly removes my left ear. the suit of […]