nurses, words

nurses are odd and wonderful creatures

i have been complimented on the veins in my arms three times this morning

their eyes go right to them

i am an easy mark for blood testing apparently

and they are much more forward than i expected

though i suspect my easily blushing nature has something to do with that as well

they seem so tired

under staffed

under appreciated

over worked

it is amazing watching them brighten up the room with a smile after hearing them complain for ten straight minutes about everything

like flipping a switch

second nature to take care of someone

so many stop and ask if i need help as i wait for a software update to go through

and they all thank me for doing it

someone needs to buy each and everyone of them a nice dinner

they deserve it

as i hear patients scream at them

belittle them

and they nod and smile and do everything they can still

i don’t have the temperament

i would have doused them with the bed pan and kicked their wheel chair down the stairs

probably why i fix machines

i’ll leave the people fixing to these amazing folks

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