slow down, words

there was a big wreck on the highway

seemed like five or six cars

was i curious


but i was driving and i take my role in getting where i am going pretty seriously

so i refuse to rubberneck

now if we stop and it is in within view i look for stray limbs

a head rolling across the road

something gruesome

a real horrendous vista of blood geysers and bent plastic

like any normal person

but if traffic is at all moving i don’t

because the eight hundred bastards staring are causing the tertiary accidents that make me absolutely furious

and i think about if i we’re in the wreck

stop staring and drive you pricks i would be thinking, muttering

possibly screaming

unless it is my limbs littering the road

my head rolling like a tumbleweed against the concrete barrier

i wouldn’t want to be stared at

or cause more of a delay than i already had

i pay less attention so as to not call the spirits of car crashes to become aware of my presence

voodoo and what not

best to carefully try and cover all bases

salt over the left shoulder and so on

the father the son the caterpillar, big ups to the winged serpents and so forth

any animal shapes welcome

except anansi

not huge on the spider motiff

not to be specieist, or deitist or anything

hedge my bets

if a head is rolling it is okay to stare at that

i’m not a monster

you don’t see that often

or often enough for that matter

but this morning was a big wreck and traffic was stopped for miles and i was very unhappy when i realized it is on the opposite side of the highway

i shouldn’t have been stopped at all

slowed down




common courtesy, like sense, is not so common nowadays


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