the curtain sways

sometimes i write a poem as the words to another tumble onto the screen forgetting the last line as the next dances seductively in the near future so consumed with gestating the next literary orphan and cultivating a promising career of anonymity leaving behind a treasure trove of gold foil wrapped chocolate gone white with […]

red finch

the red finch circles the hanging tree bloated gray corpses swing from the gnarled black branches scarlet flashes darting among the rotting flesh to peck at the clustered seeds unaware of the unnatural circumstances a feast of life hidden in the fumes of death

dinner for one

standing in the kitchen panfrying breaded pork chops pookie baby blaring through the apartment oil pops in the pan and maybe a shirt was a good idea baggy boxers and pushed down black socks with a hole large enough for an errant big toe to slip out beat an egg with hot sauce and milk […]


at the end of the day at the end of the book we just want that happy ending everything wrapped up with a neat little bow the villian gets their comeuppance and the hero gets true love and saves the day with a glorious sunset we nestle close and bask in the finals rays of […]


he strode down a bamboo lined trail straw hat pulled low to shield his eyes from the rays of the sun that cut like fire forged steel his instincts honed his resolved folded ten thousand times resulting in an edge sharp enough to separate atoms every strike microfracturing the surface leaving a pristine razor for […]

her, again

tell her if i could do anything it would be just to lay there and hold her we would talk about our day and i would just run my fingers over her bare shoulder play connect the dots with her freckles while the sunlight dances on her skin close my eyes as her aura cleanses […]


a great man once said he would feel trapped in this world if he didn’t know he could commit suicide at any moment there is always one last exit on the highway if you feel the need to slam the emergency brake and kick up some black smoke as the tires skid hold your drink […]