in an effort to be more transparent, i have stripped my skin off

bare musculature and suddenly external organs

impossible to hide when you leave a trail of blood everywhere you go

exposed nerve endings and alabaster skeleton, the ultimate in showing off the real you

i have nothing left to hide, in fact i have nothing at all, no hidden agenda, no secret meaning to my actions, nothing but what you see being what you get

the wind buffets my bare bones soliloquy, the sun stabs and cooks raw flesh, it is a dearth of riches and folly of one

standing in line, no one gets to close, unexpectedly hovering next to the walking anatomical figure, fat deposits and malignant hypertension, a nonsensical creature scaring children in an effort to be more upfront

the biggest issues is birds thinking the overworked vascular is just as much worms for the feast, the unblinking ocular masterpiece of incidental self discovery

of carpal tunneling to truth, nothing humerus about the calcium bereft, finally got that six pack abdominal stained with bile and liver rejuvenation therapy

is it me or is cold in here

is it me or just a freakshow

am i the subject of mockery and pointed meta carpal, inhumane and divine in one slowly dysfunctional form

melting into a pile of my own self worth, apply saline solution and keep the tendons taut

the thigh bone is connected to a series of tendons, muscles and blood vessels, marrow creating blood cells, seated into the cusp of the hip bone

there is more to me than the meat suit i am trapped in, carving away the parts of me that you cannot bare to see, the parts of me that are not attractive enough, so i can be on your arm

this biomechanical thunderstorm of emotion and acid combustion engine, reach out and grab my heart on your taloned fingers, feel the perpetual motion machine that houses this person, know there is no soul to know, nothing more, nothing special

we are just so much unconsumed meat, we are nothing more than the chemical needs of self entitlement

crack apart my skull and see if you can find the exact spot where the break occurred, the broken bits of a bipedal animal, an anomaly only in that i realize i am nothing, and in my nothingness become transcendent, dependent

let me slide my skin back on and dress my scars into a reasonable facsimile of a person, cover these faults and insecurities, shave and shower the bloody fingerprints from the sallow suit

imperfections and blemishes hidden in an effort to be something less repugnant but what has been seen cannot be unseen

i cannot be unseen no matter how much i am forgotten and down trodden

just chunks of raw meat and and an electrical storm, calcified, falsified and flagrantly flawed

like all of us

but mostly me

i’ll be the skinless one over here

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