she has infinity
in her eyes
light streams
in waves
across the distance between
with an allure
that is indescribable

my eyes are tea cups
that can only be filled
by her
my mouth a saucer
aching for her

my fingers are quills
that can only be dipped
in her ink
my mind is vellum
with odes to her

if this is
this hunger
this lecherous need
bind me
to the pillars of flame
let her consume me
as i long
to consume her

if this is
this effervescent joy
this rapture
then i shall soar
her spirit lifting me
as i dream
to elevate her

she has infinity
in her eyes
i see forever
with every
passing gaze
erasing the distance between shimmering
with a glow
that is only for me

9 thoughts on “Infinity

      1. ‘Tis. People need to master self-love and learn to differentiate between codependency and love. I better stop now lest I leave a lengthy diatribe on the ills of society pertaining to “love”. Anyhoo… good poem. 👍

        Liked by 1 person

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