sitting alone as the sun shines benediction onto the flowers, the light flickers through the trees, dances on my face

whispering poetry to the world around me, words falling as they will from thick lips and heavy tongue to the breeze

did the real poets do nonsense like this, sing song lyrics, meaningless and mumbled given as a gift to the universe

no rhyme nor meter, just the raw feelings of wonder at the cosmic flow of everything as star dust floats into my open mouth

give back all that is given, take only what is needed, no more, leave something indelible and beautiful wherever you sit

i am swollen with love as she sleeps, my hand strokes her hair in hopes it wakes her enough for one soft kiss like a dream

the tree limbs shake as my fervent need fills the park around me, is it coincidence or desperate lies whispered from me to them

i just whisper my lines in hopes they find your ears, unconcerned if they make sense, just my breath pooling on your skin

this i give to the world, a solemn decree formed with tongue and teeth that long only for yours, words born of purity and light

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