spatial incognition

spatial awareness lacking, general unfairness stacking, banal existence venal persistence, creeping across vascular thoughts

avoiding the mirror like it is a tiger trap, bamboo stakes through the heart of the matterless horizons of skeptical spectacles

reasoning logical fallacies like seasoning logistical failings, when you are too tired to sleep yet too awake to properly function

twitching fingers while toes tap across ballet slippery slopes of swans that all belong to the queen of another sick night in peril

lakefront property is swamp land with out the ambiance of ambulatory ambulance sirens singing from gaping gator maws

fairy lights twinkle as unsure steps traipse around the mound in hopes of finding a secret entrance into the magic beyond

spacing out spatially while falling gracelessly into another whirlwind of broken glass on fresh cut grass with ticks aplenty

the clock ticks when it is supposed to tuck, a dump truck loaded with find memories of childhood trauma in a vaccuum

unable to breathe, to think, to form one singular expression of what is and what will never be on the downhill run of foreverhood

the heartbane meets the thistlescar of psychic blades, ever sharpened by the soapstone of incognition and schismatic fluff

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