a price that must be met

she pulled
a shard of glass
from beneath
her left breast
with a wince of pain
by a smile

i watched
in fat crimson drops
onto the barren soil
her bare feet

her smile
a tinge of sadness
as she looked
deeply into my eyes
clutching the soulglass
meant for only one purpose

i leaned forward
kissed her gently
on the lips
as i unbuttoned my shirt
baring my chest
to ensure
she struck true

it slid through bone
tore muscle
like an olympic diver
cutting into the water
with no ripple
or splash
just the faintest pressure

she mouthed the words
i’m sorry
but it was clear
to both of us
it was a final lie
as i slumped
to the ground

all i saw
as the world
faded into black
was her bare feet
as she walked away
on the dusty ground
to her next appointment

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