hear advisory

sitting at the boomerang shaped bar eating oatmeal and staring at the news

there is a heat advisory in effect for the greater atlanta area today

i find myself surrounded by germans

the dry air in the hotel has everyone breathing heavily with constant clearing of throats

dark coffee with half and half in little paper cups

brown sugar and cinnamon

teutonic voices too loud trying to figure out celsius from fahrenheit

nostrils flare voices raise coffee spilled across the scene as the room fills with unfamiliar faces

the urge to bolt back to the room is overwhelming the breakfast underwhelming

i wish i were whelmed in you, my tongue buried in soft creases saturated by you instead of cinnamon and brown sugar

your lightly salty skin instead of dark coffee

your moans instead of german yells

there is a heat advisory in atlanta today effecting the entire suburban area

the world keeps spinning


10 thoughts on “hear advisory

  1. Oh! … Yeah… I get that. 😎 Who wouldn’t want to be doing “something else” under those circumstances… any circumstances?

    Don’t they have any fruit at the buffet?!? Imagine a slice of juicy cantaloupe or some sticky sweet mango, nectar rolling down your chin after sinking your teeth into its ripe supple flesh… damn …. Time to hit the market! Awesome poem, dude! 👍👍👍

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