the thing about depression
that normal people
don’t get
is it isn’t sadness
it is
but it is not
as well

it comes
to give kisses
when you are happy
draping you
in too hot hugs
bringing the world
into it’s control

it is a lack
of motivation
an inability to act
on basic human need
to vanish
to avoid
falling in on yourself

it is exhaustion
it is letting the things
others ignore
take root
own every movement
of the effect

it is
all of that
none of that
all screaming silently
at once


11 thoughts on “is(n’t)

  1. Great piece.
    However, I struggle with defining depression. It seems that everyone is convinced that they know the real definition. They are convinced that they are the only ones who have it and others are just sad/ tired/ whathave you.

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        1. if they don’t have it they seem to think it is just an excuse. in my experience at least. they don’t understand so they assume it is a choice. not realizing that is only making it worse.

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