it was a
simple case of
cause and affection,
the causal state of
emotive nuance,
wrangling all of the
that swims in the
deep end of
post evolutionary


the idea being
that i willingly
gave up a tail
retractable claws
spikey growths
along the spine
for nothing more
than egregious soft skin
coarse hair
atomic dissonance.

given up on dreams of
for dreams of
to the same
incohesive misgivings
that sent that damned fish
to search the shore
with no radar intuitions
to meander back to the
brine filled womb.

it was a simple case of reactionary violence
laid out as
another inflammation
on the pockmark covered
that govern the spirit
with cold iron chains
the bite of the whip
the vile bile encrusted
heart of the battered
disenfranchised truth.


One thought on “allegedly

  1. I agree, sometimes I don’t see the point of so call moving forwards, in reality I am losing more and more of my functioning self. I don’t belong and I was not created for this world.


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