droplets (w/EC)

It didn’t even hurt right away and I wasn’t sure if that’s because of the numbing sensation of regular living or if I was stupidly unprepared

Mesmerized, I watched the droplets collect and become heavy with disdain as I held my heart high and they fell with a shameless splash.

a good cut,
those are magic,
you can see the insides move,
shifting ligaments,
twitching meat before the blood wells,
the worst look pale white for too long,
comically long,
it is dead as you stare in shock,

you know it’s bad when the person that inflicted it gives pause before demanding you look at what you have caused (Abandonment looks like small rivulets of dead poems but the violence in this lacerating love is grossly compelling)

i look at her with tears in my eyes and she doesn’t say a word and that says everything

EC is all things magic and poetry. she makes me feel like a real boy.

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