lighthouse lamentation

how long
did i sit sojourn
in this
cracked lighthouse
the rocky shore
leading ships safely
crew and cargo
to the nearest port?

penning letters
that were never
intended to be sent
to a her
that never intended
to read them
the gulls the only
as the waves ceaselessly
slap the stones.

i have written
your name
so many times
across the curled vellum
the letters
have lost meaning
as the only thing real
is the false
image of you
waltzing barefoot
in my mind

7 thoughts on “lighthouse lamentation

  1. I love this so much. I have a lighthouse photo on my desktop. It is far out to sea, reachable only by a very long sojourn across mountains of rocks and a single twisting road. Most don’t bother to make the journey more than once. This lighthouse speaks to me. When I read your poem I understood why. Unfathomable longing, shining into a void. ♥.

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      1. I’ve seen some really special ones. My favorite so far is in Hatteras, NC. But the dearest one to me is in Barnegat Light, NJ since we go there at least once every year in December. ♥.

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          1. I do have some. We had a group on social media for a bit called runningforjoy5k  in honor of my sis. Walk/run 5k-1mile in memoriam I used to go every year on her birthday (12/26). I went looking for one of the photos I took while there one year of the lighthouse. Here you go:
            Sorry I can’t find the original. This is the one I used for the event announcement. ♥.

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