pretty mouth w/EC

o’er the fields of lavender down the cobblestone paths winding through fairy tale forests a ring of mushrooms a beam of golden light your name weighs heavy upon my tongue your smile in each and every heaving breath i wait for you to saw me in half my every instinct is to believe in your magic knowing in your touch i will be made whole ready for you to do it all over again

I am dark and my hands are full of bare hips and wrinkled parallels. I keep my silences close and in a titanium grip so they don’t suffocate anyone. I am no savior but I’m proficient at tearing things apart and putting them back together in handsewn constellations, always leaving the threadbare showing to add character.

I’ve shredded these sentences, moved carnal instincts around, numbered the tears and let my sins commit themselves. Rearranged and underwater, flowers blooming in the cadence of your heart beat, we capture the small town insomnia and turn it into deliverance.

o’er the lavender fields across the broken pavement down an alley next to a dumpster a hidden doorway a fog of heavy smoke hangs your eyes pierce through me as your tongue unlocks every secret i hang on your every silence your words the noose i gladly place around my throat my every instinct to trust you in your magic that your prose will destroy me at an atomic level only to reform me one stanza at a time over and over again

EC takes my words and thoughts and makes them into beautiful poetry.

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