love anyway w/EC

i swim in your ocean diving
through your deep beauty
an invertebrate unafraid of being crushed
by the pressure inherent
in one as endlessly magnificent as you

The never ending strike in the knowledge we don’t see ourselves in the way other people do. It becomes a philosophical query nearly every time, do we have the correct viewing or do they? The answer is always the same, perception is everything so both are correct. Which only leads to more questions, such as when the eventual disillusionment hits, is it that the other finally sees us for what we are? Or have we been so afraid of finally being ‘seen’ that we lived out the worst of ourselves and sabotaged us out of fear?

in the brittle appearance
that so consumes you
lies this vein of furious steel heaven
forged beauty
behind a delicate facade

Is this a human thing? Or a personality thing? I’d make the guess that it’s human and how it’s dealt with is dictated in personality. How we’ve developed amidst what life tosses our way. What behaviors we’ve made habits of. Ultimately the tipping point for us comes in the level of acceptance and nurture we give to our own selves. And for the person who ends up in the phase of recognition, where they see the ugly and the sicknesses inside you, it is in the compassion and embrace that will follow. Love is only beautiful, as we allow it to be.

you have stared into the abyss in my eyes without flinching

because it is that I am dark, so must it be that i am also light

EC vaporizes me. they say don’t stare at an eclipse because it will blind you. every time i blink i see her words.

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