halo w/EC

I’m too late to be an angel

she’s too early to see my horns

I’ve got penance stuck in my tender veins and I won’t dare let you come up for air
i kneel on broken glass, crawl through a forest of thorns just to taste her air of supplication

The intersection of love and lust is just under your tongue and tattooed with my name
i love you i want you i need you with every burning breath expanding broken ribs

And perhaps the pale light seen in Orion is our center
in the darkness she doesn’t see that she is my center

Once again we can imagine today what yesterday failed to conjure, at least in your dreams
i won’t fully sleep until this prayer comes true, and you’re in my arms not dreams

EC does this thing where by the third word i am ready to do anything she asks. she is just that good.

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