until we disappear w/EC

each day everything breaks a little bit more but each night my petals sashay around my heart whispering your name. my tongue melts poetry through your flesh as moonlight tends our wounded souls

she described a sunset, walked me through it in reverse, spinning the globe the direction she chose, utterly regardless to simple physics, not realizing the power she wields over the words, or her effect upon me, the more she speaks the less sure if i ever truly understood anything, but that doesn’t matter as she sutures my tattered soul

we are soft and brave, eager and very human. we don’t belong here but it’s all we have. we are anchored to these bed posts and tethered to this rivers edge.

i described to her a sunrise as seen from the bottom of a lake, the light filtering through the water until it was abstract dots of nothing sending the fish to scatter, contemplating her is too much for my simple, fully and utterly convinced she spins honey into thought, fitfully incapable of summing up her like a catfish painting the dawn

you see everything in me that has been overlooked and smothered under footsteps and fist-folds so i’ve saved you in every paused moment where time sits still with my lips on your throat pulse and your name under my tongue.

EC is the light to my dark, how could i write with anyone else?

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