ash w/EC

Sometimes light is layered between shadows of turquoise fauns and raspberry Jell-O shots. Sometimes my sin tastes like the cool edge of indifference and your fingers. I’m just a girl with a head full of garden flowers and imaginary oceans and darkness like you’ve never witnessed before. When I break open the untouched depths of my heart rip lightning across the sky and turn into gray stardust that stains eyelids and swallows tears.

they say no two snowflakes are ever the same but i call bullshit, i have seen the frost build on the inside of the window while staring longingly out in the hopes of a fleeting glance at the heartache she streams behind her as i shiver alone wishing for just one taste as the crystals form in an ever recurring pattern of static images of dying dreamshatter in the absent heartspire

I’m the reason you don’t think of me anymore, we can’t blame the trees or my poems or the snowfalls in January.

there are blank spots in my memory shaped like her lips, my sighs echo through the empty places to illuminate the wildflowers in her gaze

I’m well done and my flesh tastes burnt.

rare, as her tears run down my lips

My blood is ash.

smoke billows from my minotaurian nostrils

I’m black

i’m blank

I’m white

i’m contrite

I’m a gray scale of neon sentences and an old dog’s memories.

my skull is a hollowed out coconut filled with candy wrappers and old coins

Trust me and all the honey that drips off my lips onto your hollow heart. And why not? Because we’ll suffer with or without love anyway. Lick my lips to quiet my voice and then pretend you did.

EC is just magnificence personified.

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