(un)written w/EC

in the morning song of the sparrow, i hear your voice

She wants to touch him the way his music does, fluidly and on his knees

in the silver light of the moon, i feel your presence

Her bottom line is showing and it’s his name written in flower petals

under the magenta skies, the comets rain down upon the land of forgotten promise, in the momentary lull between impacts, i think of you

Her origami flesh begs for nebulous gray and crossed paths with his lips and sighs

in the heart of cataclysm, the bruised heart of forever convulses in time with the waves, with the breeze, with the petals alight in the trees

All of her past traumas are hanging from trees in the orchard. On each evening walk she plucks one and swallows it whole, making herself ready.

and in the shadows hidden, i wait patiently for you

EC plays my heartstrings into the most perfect melody

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