pastel slip w/EC

Someplace inside those strung out little miracles, it’s still raw.

somewhere inside these jagged little vivsections, it’s pure magic

Monumental love notes in the key of peony petals are snows deepest secrets and my hearts finest healing

black ice on the byways between thoughts, a blizzard of pollen tickling the edges of the afterglow of a thousand kisses

Your shadow is pressed onto my pages, so many layers of pinks and grays that are psalms of broken syllables and voids first light.

your soul filters every word in my private journal, dappled robin’s eggs of pastel divinity to flash across my incorporeal desire

My words are under your pillow in the form of bones and poetry. But wait until the weathervane twists and you hear me whisper “now”

my words are drizzled into the darkness between heartshivers, my entire body tense at the thought of hearing you whisper “now”

EC is the person i have wanted to write with my entire life

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