little one room apartments

she stood peering out the window of her little one room apartment into the window of my little one room apartment likely, i was scratching my ass or scowling angrily at the ceiling the glorious life of a poet wasted on fools that swim in words instead of smiling at ladies that peer out the […]

la luna della follia

la luna ticks the boxes that make up the madness bleeding through absentee tear ducts the fountain remains dry as the sad little cherubs blow horns that will never ring clear through yellow light in the gray skies above

veneer (aortic musing)

a thin veneer of glistening frost coats the world outside the filthy windows that do little more than filter out the finer details of another morning in purgatorial musings her fingers gently stroke my aorta as she sleeps sweetly, a stuttering halt to my limbic dissolution gray skies mute the typical symphonic disharmonies of the […]


she and itended a gardenthat grew deepbeneath the wavesa hidden sanctuarywhere the sunis only a dream we made loveon the currentslit by thebioluminescencecarefullycultivatedalong rows of kelp i didn’t questionour submerged lifewell awarewhereverher smile leadsis the only homenecessary for me