wishlist folds w/EC

i trace my fingers along the
spirals of the fossil,
the calcified ridges rough
against the callous callused
touch of my absent wandering

Wonder me into realization,
Take my stubborn appetite
and what goes beyond fault
on my thornless primrose path
of soft ash and inky toes

i fall happily into the cracks
willingly exploring soulthistle
in her self perceived fault lines
carbon dating her perfection
in a cascading isotopic array

Bind me to your eruptions of delay,
against your paradoxes of hope and blood,
minimizing my last breaths
secure me to an infinity of postscripts
across your melting opal flame

i am lashed to the splintered mast
fully engulfed in elemental fury
disintegrated in her mad embrace
swirling specks of indigo remorse
in the oceanic expanse in her eyes

I’ve waited at the threshold, soul bared
Unbutton the poetry with your night-glow,
Burn our pages under lamp light and blood spatters,
In this dim-lit space I echo sadness and shadows
As you pour your goldspun ballads over illusions stone voice

EC‘s words are everything to me

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