adjusting to light w/EC

I don’t always know what made me, the morning sun, my mother’s womb or morning rituals of loves greatest losses. My loneliness feels ancient and I’m not blaming anyone. Not even the last life I lived in the creases of every scrap of raw silk. I saw the singular loop of unrestraint and taught myself movement instead of stagnancy. I was born in ashes, raised in hope.

in the beginning there was
darkness before my hand found
thedivinity of her inner thigh,
her breath rustled along my spine
in wispy odes to salvation undreamt in the unrepentant undercurrent of original sins her
ashen footprints trailed across my
dubious nature

Maybe I’m not beautiful like the wood nymphs, maybe I lost my graceful footing in every afterlight of flesh burn. But I am a fiery thing, all dressed in hues of sunrises and sunsets. Set aflame by your angel eyes and full lips.

i had always considered myself a
comet, a curiosity, gone before i
could overstay my welcome, less substantial and destined to not return in this lifetime. in the
undeniable pull of her wondrous
gravitational flux, i found myself
unwilling to seek new horizons,
as her ignition erupted this halo
of flame that i let simply engulf me

See me dissolve without my words so I can bleed in color cutting my mouth on dead language. I left the truth in your mouth wedged under your tongue, begging you to release me, furiously slow, tearing the tar from my feet. I traced the afterglow under my fingertips and with uneven brush strokes I bled circumstances of light and dark.

her words are a fever beneath my skin, accelerant racing in indigo streaks through my ice coated
veins. the things she makes me
feel pour through my starving
fingers across her perfect
surrender until all that remains
is writhing as one in a chorus of
escalating moans

I’m a woman with soft skin, as
tender as the whole fucking sky.
I’m brittle like the sea, bitter
like ash, I shoulda been a comet.

i’m a man of angry scowls,
thunder in a ferocious blizzard.
i’m vacant as the sun, lonely as
the sea, i should have been hers.

EC, i don’t need to say anything. she is magnificent

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