terminal w/EC

in the misty mornings
of incomprehensible sorrows
calculating inifinities
eagerly seeking
the right combination
that leads to her heart

They loved in midnight blues and should have known betters. They parked in dreams and whittled sentences into sorrowful sounds. They covered the horror of everyday things with fairytale kisses and found beauty at their fingertips.

this hollow world of
incomprehensible distances
following the shimmering
cracks sheering through
aggregate soulclusters
in heartstone minutiaes

Her hip sway carried the lust and tears of lesser known gods and his eyes told the heart wrenching stories of fear and soul stains. Their sin wound tight in rose thorns and twine while they learned lessons they’d never hoped to face.

plasticized remains
of bemusedly colored sparks
speckled amongst
the unkempt painthistles
that litter the dead soil
in random x’s and o’s

EC is everything beautiful and poetic to me.

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