upscale graffiti w/EC

Her tangled limbs of no regret touch your kiss and slip between your pages, her tarnished metal lockbox fills with hearts and bones and pieces of planets.

his jigsaw psyche of earnest
affections fill the pen marks you
scratch carefully, his insatiable
need flows into the lock tickling tumblers to the universe inside.

She carefully polishes her poetic
display with longing as her
silhouette silently heaves broken
bottles of bourbon and loneliness
over your poise and nonchalance.

he runs his tongue along the leather strap, sharpening the edges of need to slice through
all the knotted truths binding
his desires to your supple beauty.

She laces up the icy chill and prepares to ride you hard with lethal lessons of how her skin
smells and being born, unhinge the madness behind her eyes with gold spun dreams and tasteful goodbyes.

he races along your tender
splendor, an infectious grin masks
the hell in his eyes as he
prepares to deliver every promise
of forever from his lips over
every inch of your soulspun wonder.

EC is my favorite anyone ever and the best poet in the universe

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