rent and rendered

the concrete souless
monstrosities in a
plethora of circumfusions
a pod of poisoned seeds
nestled tightly against
the strangled heart of
future endeavoring spirits
a sacrament, a sacrifice
a sack of simmering sighs
tar black runs down slowly
from the unblinking orbs
encased in resinous lies
the rusted snap of a trap
tetanus infused radial
reconfigurations in jagged
rents of sloughing flesh
a tidal surge in succulent
degradations rendering away
the rancid fat under gray skin
and the sun doesnt shine
the sky is a blank slate
wiped clean of preternatural
keenings from the ochre
throats of disembodied denials
the stars fallen into rancorous
states of insular painblossoms
the goddamned sun burnt out
without a kiss goodbye
spitting in god’s unblinkingly
apathetic gaze of lost wonder


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