the death of innocence; the loss of her w/EC

the azure tinted moon
sending chalk dust tears
to shimmer slightly
through the spectrum
of unintended sadness
rendered in monotonous
shades of inverted dream

It really didn’t matter how happy she was, how pleasant the world seemed, there was always something lurking under the surface of her skin. Maybe it felt like tingling but she always described it to herself as a crawling. Some nights when it was constant she’d even dream of slicing open her skin, her forearm or the side of her calf hoping to see what she’d let loose

the rain never stops
leaving technicolor
dreamswirls interlaced
in the monochromatic
hellscape beneath my
uninnoculated eyelids
baptized in virgin sin

She always chose blue, the color of her mind. Chalk drawings of hills and mountains and sins all over her walls. Pastels riddled the wood floor like insane hieroglyphics. Rain covered her lips like reflections of patience and she knew she could never climb the ocean. But sand covered her toes anyway. She wasn’t a student of indifference but she didn’t know how to remove the inner wailing.

screaming in braille
a vertiginous flashing
shattered stained glass
monoliths falling ever
faster downdowndown until
a dustshower in cerulean
running in chalk dust whispers

She found it in the echoes of dissent and discord, sour notes and heresy. The reflection of perceived error flashed hard against the music that hummed softly against her cheek. Prisons and dreams, crimson tears every shaman knows scattered through her veins like undone phrases of futuristic utopian failures. She spied it glittering on the tail ends of adjectives she’d heard her whole life. But it wasn’t sadness, it wasn’t sorrow as suspected. There was no why, no because, but it rang out in a sharp chord of clarity, she was in mourning.

it was laying there beneath
an azure haze of sullen
sorrows that the lamentations
scraped along vocal chords
corded with scar tissue
lended a harsh wheezing to the
symphony of dischordiant sighs

EC fills my darkness with light

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