drowning in birdsong

the rickety ship careens
over the tempestuous sea
in the throes of sorrows
draped in logical fallacy

there is a
in the ever present
coming through
the open screen door
a tonal
falling in
with the rest
of the world
around me

the lonely cries of the gull
circling in the gray skies
a hint of rot blowing through
on the wings of bloated flies

i know why
the crows gather
in murders

slipping between the atoms
on the monomolecular waves
breaking down into hellish
parodies the heart craves

static induced
states of dismay
melancholia sprays
a musky stench
of unwelcome reminders
rejoinders in
distilled angst
the woodpecker taps
against my skull
seeking grubs
but only finding
bittersweet longing

the blackened blood sputters
gelatinous residue blocks veins
falling ever deeper into cyclical
reenactments of petty past pains

lost in
a viking funeral
igniting the
feathered silence
grating across

still the rickety ship sways
taking on the brackish seas
frozen in painblossom rigors
constructing logical fallacies

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