bred in absentia w/EC

a radial fracture
into the eye of the storm
brewing just at the edge
of her transient stare

Common misconception, personal demons are easily understood by others. My hunger for tenderness and sensitivity is found in the gift of spring and reawakenings. My sin is cyclical and full of glowing embers, repetitive in its stature and demeaning in its nature. A cauldron of emotional scars spills over into permanent stains of comparative incidentals that are glimpsed at the tail end of a passing glance.

lashed by bitter winds
to the mast of near
electricity crackles
as thunder rattles
the indecipherable
hints of sadness
at the edge of her smile

Common misnomer, not everything we don’t understand is an anomaly,
sometimes it’s just not understood. She’s hidden. Hidden under new leaves and black coffee, steel bars and thickets aflame, deep in the center of a lost void. Watch her skin fall from the bone while her expression remains unmoved and blossoming under fire.

the tendrils
of the milky way
slowly spinning
ever outward
an infinitesimal
pulled apart as
her steady heartshivers
send shockwaves
the essence of
forever’s fevered dream

EC is poetry. she is the storm.

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