page bleed w/EC

the schism opens
across the sky
tongues of emerald

Nothing moved but his tongue across his power lip. Her edges softened as her teeth closed mercilessly on her tongue. She glanced upward, her glasses slipped forward as the sky turned a magical shade of lavender.

Opiating into a daydream of curved spines and sun drenched felicity,
she swallowed deeply, careful not to choke on the loosened flesh.

a shift, sidestepping
physics(killing oneself
only to be
reborn anew in every
longing stare) vaporized
in tender shaded wonder
every star is crafted
from glimpses of her smile

There was a small dimple on the left side of his face when he came
undone and it captured her heart just as if Cupid’s arrow made that
small dip in his cheek for her to witness. His fingers alluded to a
certain madness while penning prose across her thighs and above
clouds, extinguishing the reality they were never made for.

a schism tears
along the torn pages
their tongues
finding completion
in the emerald sparks
that cascade
off their collision

No one ever wondered where they’d run off too although they never saw them again. It seemed everyone chalked it up to an elopement from sanity and it was oddly acceptable. His pencil marks told the beauty of it all most clearly and under eternal star explosions, they never did recall the dystopian remnants of what came before.

EC has blurred the line between poetry and perfection with every word

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