dim-lit reflection w/EC

there is a ringing
in my head
a hollow moon
an uncut jewel
a marching band of
the indecently deceased

Unplanned indentations in the paragraphs of my existence only served to complicate an already knotty semblance of self. A gigantic surly indifference took control and a contrite note in the key of b-natural buried herself beneath the ruins of self preservation. Echoing over gales of drunk poets dented halos.

pale hands grasp
the fragile satellite
it crumbles
a dust storm clinging
to every tawdry soul
swirling in the aether
a sour note sounds
from the tarnished brass
as angels and demons war
for dominion
of disentangled sanity

I wear the mark of the calloused and unforgiven, I carry the weight of a sinful nature cradled in my arms, hidden from all the deadly fears. Suffering stimulates agitated ghosts who want to resemble me, drowning tastes like the seafloor and I can’t decide which I like better. My soul seeks redemption in a demon’s melodious incantation, a cutting deceit that falls softly over deaf ears.

there is a ringing
in my head
a hollow fool
colored cut glass
a lone kazoo hanging
from the jaw of a skull

EC is hands down my favorite poet, and as i always say, she is poetry to me

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