mood w/EC

There are many ways
to leave someone,
ligature marks are only one
There are bruises over bruises
over a deeper, understanding heart
and over my fingertips
I know there are secrets in the trees
but they are never in the moon
or my scarlet-blue bleeds
because of certain hearts
and the way they fit with mine

the scars that mark
my hands and face
are subtle reminders
love is a thresher
the rigidity of flesh
meets the uncertainty
inherent in spirit
i am lined with these
steady reminders
a roadmap of dead ends
and moonlit disasters

Sentence me to uncertainty,
kill me with the very myth that transformed me
Resurrect the demons I’ve destroyed
and tell me that you had no choice.
Everything comes at a cost,
I was married in May,
dead in June and burning by daybreak
Worshipping your lips and my last breath

there is a satisfaction
in salting the earth
in setting the horizon
aflame and not looking back
i feel your fingers
entwined in mine as we
toss one last molotov
onto the tinder of who
we once longed to be
finding out that forever
is a dimestore promise
that is never fulfilled
while we string along
moments of right now
like beaded rosaries
our lips perform sacrament
to the silence above

EC reminds me there is light when i am surrounded by darkness

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