she stares

she stares
with watery eyes
a stern look of
in that
half dead glare
i nod and smile
she scowls
unimpressed by
the barely mobile
ape in vans

everyday it is
exactly the same
she watches me
as i watch her
then i drive away
and she finds
a new object to
silently despise

there wasn’t always
such a bitter chill
between the two of us
when she first arrived
she say hello
sniff at my shoes
possibly nuzzle
my hand for pets

but now the old bitch
longs to run
but sits at the window
angry at me for
the freedom to go
anywhere i please
and going nowhere
with no purpose
while she is trapped
except for brief
painful excursions
to piss close to the
apartment before
going back in to
take a needed nap

i wonder if the day
will come where i
sit watching a world
i can no longer
have interaction with
or if maybe that has
been the situation
for far too long now
i still drive with
the windows down and
the breeze on my face
my yard to piss in
is just larger than hers
even if she cannot
possibly see it from
my perspective


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