begging for change

mike’s manic patreon has a new post. i have been working on a new collection of short stories and this distinctly odd bit made me chuckle so i thought it might be a nice surprise for the Patrons.

i dislike shilling and begging for coins, but i post fiction on my patreon a few times a month. your support would be appreciated greatly.

in the book world, Cerberus is in the edit stage and seeking a cover for our next release, Cerberus Exploitation: A Grindhouse Triple Feature. i finished my entry, Electro-Satan Comes to Wolfe City last week. we are also working on a quarterly digest, aptly named Cerberus Digest, that is close to the first issue being complete. it is going to be fun and the first issue has the short story that might be one of my best ever, Ascomycota.

and August 10th is still the release of (un)requited with preorders up now. as well as PC3’s 5 Tales of Tantalizing Terror and Chris Miller’s Shattered Skies.

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