how long have i
laid here shivering
unable to sleep
locked in freefall
doing my best
houdoni impression
struggling out of
the straight jacket
picking padlocks
with a one shoulder
dislocated and the
other wrapped tight
with rusted chains

i can easily catch
a bullet between my
teeth but cannot
hold my razored tongue
suspend me in a cage
or try and drown me
in an old milk can
i always find a way
to escape certain death
it is this listless
excuse for living
that will eventually
prove to be my doom

laying in the dark
unable to find rest
laboring to untie the
knots inside my head
a self trained prodigy
a purveyor of the lost
art of escapeology
limping my way through
to entertain the masses
defying the death that is
probably the only escape
from a this fell tragedy
of my own sad existence

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