of yesterday

the air felt stale like in a tomb sealed for thousands of years yet open to the weak light of a dying sun about to go supernova and consume the entire solar system the ground had long since dried the fleeting remnants of flora as dessicated as the smile on an old whore’s face after […]

fetid glimpses of home

the splintering of frozen trees exploding as the sap freezes reminds him of spreading his ribs in a futile act of showing he has a heart to those who don’t believe the echo of the woodpecker pecking into the pulpy flesh of the sullen tree to nest within reminds him of drilling into his skull […]

iron pyrite sculptures

he built monuments to the monumental failures of thinking the world owed him anything the chip on his shoulder just a pebble from the avalanche of self doubt leaving clouds of dust with every aching footstep in the craters of the giants that came before him from the valley of kings there were no preordained […]


she still clutches my face grabbing with more ferocity than is necessary in a show of love more a sign of ownership left me shaking sweating through thirteen hours of fitful sleep yet still she clings on in a stranglehold just south of choking just past seeing spots she is fever she is pain she […]

a promise of summer

as winter spreads her crooked fingers against the land of sullen heat the streams along the highway give forth clouds of mist that blanket the land between the trees it looks haunting to the three or four people not so caught up in their own terminal velocity angrily driving to whatever destination of no consequence […]

deconstruction zone

i am deconstructing the remnants of who i once was so that perhaps the marble facade of willowy understanding might refract the bitter rays of winter sun in reverse osmosis injecting chlorophyll into the unnecessary bits to overrun the mitochondrial subdermal hemotoxin of hope suffusing the entire cellular breakdown with paisley daydreams like rubbing your […]

december 10

the sky pisses cold rain while the sun hides it face in shame high above the clouds even celestial bodies are aware enough to see that some days everything is shit