all moons w/EC

the moon hung slender a curved fang stabbing hungrily at the restless waves Sometimes we cross dead ends like cherry blossoms in the wind and wonder why we end up in empty space without any warning. Trying to light flames of regret or burning anger in hopes we can feel our way out of the […]

golden whispers of longing

do you hear them? if you cock your head can you hear the symphony of sparrows greeting the day? chittering whistles on a cool morning as the sun i had lost hope in seeing again breaks the roofline to flood the room banish the darkness a soft caress on sleep starved cheeks but a sign […]

Mona Seethes

“He sat at his desk, jowls quivering in rage.” “What are you doing?” “He glared at his former best friend with ill intent.” “Mona. What the fuck. You are still my best friend.” “He shouted at her, face flushed a deep shade of crimson. Ripples dancing across his porcine body.” “Fine. I do not care.” […]

purple lights

random lightning flares in the recesses of my mind jagged purple against the darkness always resting just behind my eyes the cost of the words that pulse in every misfired synapse a fair trade to see such beauty even if i lack the skills to paint it if you could see things through my personal […]

soulshatter kaleidoscope

she manages to see me at my worst and makes me better as my soulshatter kaleidoscope casts shadows on the scarred rusted bars of the prison in which my broken holds my heart hostage. she takes my poetic and my ugly in equal measure with a smile that lets me know it will all be […]

repetitive chaos

my crazy likes structure repetitive actions for the last five years it has been the same thousand or so songs on my ipod coffee in the morning clockwork poetry writing sessions in empty parking lots routine. the coffee remained canned on this cold friday morn my ipod won’t hold a charge trusted friends became outright […]

a prayer for unbrewed beans

the coffee maker died without a sound no gurgling gasp just a flashing light and no percolation. the morning feels too goddamned impossible to comprehend with no sleep a burgeoning clusterbomb resting in a band around my skull and no coffee to greet the sun. as the things i cannot control scream at me of […]

foolosophy 101

in life, we get what we get. it is what we give that matters. it tends to get forgotten in the day to day. or we give in to expectations feeling cheated when things don’t go how we wanted. grow bitter scorned. ignoring the happiness all around. then again who the fuck am i to […]


you cannot control how people perceive the world cannot comprehend the way they will twist things in an effort to make them seem virtuous all you can do is live your truth and as you smile watch those that frown and sigh to find the ones that were never truly your friends to begin with […]

moon eyed whimsy

haunted by the ghost of yesterday’s moon pregnant over this valley of discontent unwilling unable to let go as azure winds the sliver strives to maintain vigilance over a waking world where dreamslurry ill tidings threaten to drown the weak diffusion between solar flares white hot passion and promises made under lunar waves of sublime […]

a story has been posted to the Patreon

Manic Patreon has a story posted. it is one i am quite pleased with, which is a rarity for me. a few patrons have already reached out and expressed their enjoyment. i don’t enjoy shilling, but it is what it is. i write, patrons read and pay a little a month, and i can pay […]

mute dawn

the mute dawn spitefully shines down over dissipating apparitions of lost loves hazy recollections sorrowful spirits still seeking to haunt the broken down temple of cardiac disenchantment. nothing more than a desultory approximation hollowed.hallowed a composite primary lesson in decreation of art in the midst of subtle self desecration. deafened under the mute dawn buried […]


alternating between social distortion and kyuss so i cannot tell if i am broken hearted in need of a fix or driving through the desert with a demon in the passenger seat as hell rains down. either way seems alright as the traffic never slows on the concrete arteries feeding the wasteland around me. maybe […]

morning service

i was baptized in her every tear as we lay bathed in longing reborn under the scrutiny of the unloved watching our every move. kissing as the moon blushes peony petals on the breeze her lips the sacrament filling my effervescent sinpools within bruised smiles lips tingling her breath my hymnal.

misery leeches

people love youwhen they cancommiseratewith your pain. but findhappiness? that’s whenthe realityof who they arecomes to the forefront. in sorrowthere is acommon denominatora conflagrationof similarsadnessthat speaksa universal truth; in joyjealousiesoverridethe false emotionalconnectionleading to themwondering whythe happinessisn’t theirsas well. friends celebrateyour successesand lend a shoulderin defeatbut these falsehoodsin miserable approxinationof sympatheticcompatriotscast dispersionsinsinuatebecause they cannotsimply relateto anythingexcept […]

sonic imprint

some songs take me back to another time in another world so vividly i could momentarily smell her perfume as my nostrils flared it was three in the morning witching hour fittingly enough when i heard a tap tapping on my window brief dreams of poe and ravens instead a vision of beauty to which […]


some people try to be better some wallow alone in a haze of pain some strive to find purpose seeking to beautify a world of ugliness. some are just sacks of shit staining whomever they come into contact with. petty little people with dead little hearts that inflict petty little agonies on those they already […]


for two hours last night i was an hour closer to her my heart yelled trying desperately to get her attention then the daylight was saved and she was further away all that lingered in the spring air was my frantic i love you

the sun sets later, my need never rests

a case of incidentally accelerated entropy falling to pieces at the speed of broken hearted miseries racing along the neon highways across dessicated daydreams in monofilament mistreatment as prescribed by the general tactioner the gradual practitioner of factual transgressors in the crystalline chamber of nondescript actualities. (iamtryingtotellyou theferventneedtokissyou isoverridingsurvival instinctsasnothingelse seemsrealinthishaze ofcatastrophiclonging) trapped in a […]

3 card migraine

buried beneath an avalanche of ocular obsolescence he didn’t know when it first became an apparent abhorrence but every deck of cards he ever bought came with fifty one jokers yet never a solitary queen of hearts ill suited to gambling as a negative balance prevents the hope of fiscal dexterity just tired of paper […]

happiness vultures

gathering up the remains shattered souldander to fill the forge an iron maiden with white hot spikes to cast a less broken image of ache a stained glass persona splitting the light into a paradoxical prism of colors undreamt in shades of heartthistle as the emotional refuse simmers in molten dissonance my mind lingers on […]

electricity for insomniacs 101

all electricity wants is to go home it doesn’t matter the mindless goal is to get to ground a lightning bolt doesn’t care it is not mindful of obstructions if you are between it and the home it seeks you become collateral damage on a smaller scale the electricity is herded controlled sent through one […]


she played at pious to cover her insidious truth. hollow souled a bird bone behemoth incapable of feeling anything but pretending to understand it all. her sense of self an itchy blanket she drapes over everything making herself the hero the victim of every tale told. so self centered she imposes her fatal flaws on […]

discarded yet not forgotten

she found his heart thumping in the open dumpster took it inside cleaned it up tried to determine if there was any worth in the wheezing organ. it was found to be lacking (re)discarded thrown out in frustration when it didn’t conform to her expectations. in the silence the music it made between straining deflated […]

wet dog and stale smoke

he leans against the building unmindful of the rain scowling at the brown grass as he puffs the cigarette and watches his dog scout for the perfect place to shit we are cordial neighborly i don’t know his name or that of his ankle biting yipping little shit machine but i nod to which he […]

waking slowly

he sits as the chimes softly play predawn serenades the coffee untouched as the sky turns to steel over the buildings around him half dressed half awake half consumed by the silence punctuated by snatches of birdsong and the rumble of idling cars calling for the sun. lost in thought in translation in transition in […]


i get overstimulated after a podcast my insides are electrified my brain won’t stop screaming anxiety’s (bi)polar opposite unintended consequences in these semi-suicidal tendencies, running full force into self-destruction it is exhausting saying the things out loud i only have to think typically. besides her i don’t like talking to, well, everyone. i go inside […]

upscale graffiti w/EC

Her tangled limbs of no regret touch your kiss and slip between your pages, her tarnished metal lockbox fills with hearts and bones and pieces of planets. his jigsaw psyche of earnest affections fill the pen marks you scratch carefully, his insatiable need flows into the lock tickling tumblers to the universe inside. She carefully […]

Podcast tonight

Butterflies Make Me Angry tonight at 7pm CST. Chris Miller and the Fool join Sam and Chad Cloud-Miller to discuss Cerberus and Splatterpunk Awards and more. Probably. It should be fun. Love me

another about birds and highways

the mockingbird has heard me utter her name in sift benediction that i hear it in the causeway cawing it into the howling winds until all i hear is my heart in my head and her glow rattling around my chest cavity of dessicated organic failures crammed tightly into the silver barred birdcage with the […]


i find itcomfortingwhen i wakein the middleof the nightto tasteyour nameon my lips. i hear yourvoice echoin my dreamswith a comfortthat soothesmy fracturedsmoothes overthe broken. the world seemsto take joyin crushingsouls to dustbut you keepthe void at bayeven when it singsso very sweetly. that’s enoughfor mein a realitythat only ever takesyou replenishthe flames neededto keep […]


a mood has settledupon my shouldersand i don’t thinki care for it at allpissy and angrythe wind keeps blowingthe chimes clangthe neighbor doghowls incessantlythe cars are too loudthe moon is too brightand my head feels filledwith broken shards ofevery happy momentthat seem so far away. this goddamned moodsettled upon my achingfiberglass insulationwrapped around my chestand […]


glittering diamonds ebon blanket of velvety darkness i cannot tell if it is infinity screaming profanities at me as i smile like a goddamned idiot unfazed unphased unphrased unpoetic just a steaming pile of word vomit on the side of the road leading absolutely fucking nowhere. so much of my day is spent just lost. […]

devil and crows

the devil keepsleaving me messagesasking when i willfinally make mytriumphant entrance. i leave his messageson readas my heart and soulalready belong to her. the sparrows knowas do the crows thatfollow meblack winged companionsthat know the wayof thingsglaring overthe gray cityfilled with brokenhearts and shatteredhopesthat this damned onehas suffered enough.

too loud too early

the car started with a flatulent whine that did little to make anyone listening feel calm even the birds stopped and glared with cocked heads at the terrible commotion as the sun hid behind clouds. i just watch it through the open blinds sipping my last cup of coffee as i put on my doc’s […]


choking onfreedomsin place ofhaving foodas they taxthe air andthe waterfilling upcoffers ofill gottenricheshastily extractedfrom groundup dreamsthe ashes ofthe middle classtwist in thebreeze as thewhips crackon the bare fleshof the poor.

tragedy in gray

everything is diffused in gray lending a sort of apocalyptical in the best of purgatorial air to a solemn mourning. the crows have all lined along the roofs of the neighboring buildings to stare baleful disinterest from too intelligent beady black orbs. i whisper my love and zip the hoodie as a chill runs its […]

i see her wonder and weep

just beneaththe shimmering surfaceshines a soft pinkas the scent ofwildflowers carriesheavy on the frozenbreeze she is a clusterof peonies interlacedwith wrought ironstronger in her suppledelicacy than thediamonds her smilefar outshines even now she laughsdismissively at my notfar fetched claimsas my heart thundersher name in every spasmingbeat of longingto rest in her divinity in that soft […]

tonight, Cerberus roars

Horror Talk Podcast tonight, at i believe around 9pm CST, Chris Miller and the Fool will talk Cerberus, awards, and likely spiral inappropriately for an hour or so. i’ve been on this podcast a few times, Jesse is great as a host and i have always had fun. hope you do as well of you […]


no matter the words that fall from my mouth to squirm in half life at the edge of non-essential being i love you seem to be the only ones that form correctly even if my insecurities keep them mostly frozen on the tip of my tongue

i close my eyes and count to infinity

i close my eyes only to find i am the only thing that vanishes as if i was never truly here unnoticed by the world at large. tearing pieces off my tissue paper soul to flutter in the breeze of apathetic insufficiency a shadow where once a man stood shivering in inconsequentialities. i close my […]

herd immunity

i am fascinated by kashmiri saffron the delicate purple flowers the strands of red the dry lands at the feet of the himalayas the struggles with global warming. whole cultures have been radically altered as the world changes around them for all of our technological leaps we seem to fall farther behind at being human […]


fried.sizzling brainsvacantchoppy wavesslappingmy empty skull.fried. i wrotea novelthat took meto a verydark place. she shinedher lighton me to keep me safe. but itlingersunder myskinetched onmy bones. i cannotfullyshake it. i have been coldfor weeksdeep downmarrow frozenshiveringin theafternoon sun. i amfriedand theentireworldexcept for heris soveryveryugly. just like me.


the power of my glare keeps the ceiling suspended just like my disbelief floating in the air all the hidden scenes interspaces within the textured cage a zygote ensconced in eggshell whimsies am i a realization sorrow in actualization just a mass of tumors twisted around fractured spinally etched columns filled with poisons a cadaverous […]

Cerberus Podcast Tour!

in an effort at shameless self promotion to push our book, Cerberus Rising, and it’s nominations for Best Anthology and Best Short Story, An Incident at Barrow Farm (by me, which is crazy and unbelievable still) for Splatterpunk Awards, Chris and I will be hitting the podcast trail. Monday night we are joining Jesse Deadman […]

terminal w/EC

in the misty mornings of incomprehensible sorrows calculating inifinities eagerly seeking the right combination that leads to her heart They loved in midnight blues and should have known betters. They parked in dreams and whittled sentences into sorrowful sounds. They covered the horror of everyday things with fairytale kisses and found beauty at their fingertips. […]

leonine glare

i take my painamplify ituntil it burnswhite hotuntil it burnsits way intothe aether luckilythere has neverbeena shortageto mine i let itnearlykill mekept itcagedbehind deadbrown eyes humpty dumptythe foolfilled withangry hornetsfinally fellone time too manyand all of hisinsignificancespilled overthe dirty alleyadjacent tosuicidal daydreams now all iknow to dois let the agonyleakstaining the worldin lavender lightninga pebblein […]

cashewed poetry

scientifically straddling subservient and transient (feeble emotive words scr amble to propagate) cracked cobblestones line the bleak murky corridors (calculating eternity usi ng broken hearts as a med ian) beaten down by every soulsputter review glancing deep into infinity eyes laid bare to the triumphant tragedies of interstellar recognizance the cashew is a necessary by-product […]

there is nothing at all

staring down the barrel of self defeat hating every word that falls from these maggot lips to form frost across the dead embers that settled on the more meaningless parts that make up this petrified tree gnarled branches giving only rotted offerings to the neon wasteland of accrued uglinesses in double helixed atrophy. i turn […]

still the sun rises to cast spite upon the day

deep black thrombosis nestled next to fleeting palpations a restriction in the affable trickle constricting the gold from the morning light a parable, a prayer empty words thrown carelessly into the aether in hopes of striking a spark along the indifference of eternal nothingness. the coffee drips as i watch the sun banish the darkness […]


sometimes when i read or see something hopeful i begin to sob not because of the beauty but because it is all so goddamned hopeless when it takes fiction to express it and that feels awfully heavy. it is fucking heavy right now. everything. just so fucking heavy. this too shall pass. i just really […]

memory lame

what we had the thing that died with barely a twitch just casually slung barbs a poisoned monstrosity mistaken for genuine emotion misplaced mistimed and missing key elements. it was a shambling corpse with a red ribbon tied around its broken neck lingering far longer in agony than in any real sort of emotional stability. […]


i cut myselfdailythe nibof the quillinto my exposedaortato spillmyself outonto the dirtyfloorpooling upin the fibersof the carpetinto anotherimpossibleword jumblemeant to tellher thati love her. more scar tissuethan manmore poetrythan poeticjust a lonelyfool withtoo much timetoo many wordsand not enoughher pressed closewhen the sorrowforces me tocut myself daily.

impersonal dot com

i woke to a flashing blue light a work email telling me happy anniversary two years with the company in a message from a generic address – human resources at incentive dot com. it is the personal touch that makes me feel valued. i replied with thanks for the email will there be a raise […]


my body a glass jar rattling with pure electric ecstasy every cell screaming in atomic reduction as my every synapse shoots molten death on any hope for quiet. somedays i am just soundwaves vibrating in a frequency undetectable by human ears. unvisible in vibrant shades of falling apart. i am no longer stardust. i am […]

seeking meaning

kitten with claws unsheathed stalking shadows in the afternoon sun squirrel on the grass staring at each and every noise with silent trepidation the planes fly high above us with loud rumbling sonic waves as the busy people circle impatiently waiting for one open runway to settle among the kittens and the squirrels under the […]

long dark night of infinite splinters

crawling across shattered remnants of hope praying to appease the angry spirits that do nothing but spit curses while bemoaning just how blatantly unfair the sunrise over the buildings casting golden beams over the forms of dead dreamers and mumbling poets is when witnessed through the lens smudged with ash from smoldering dream. i have […]


i have been shedlike the wispsof dream fromhalf closed eyesleft to floatwith the leavesand childish hopedown the swollengutters filled tonear overflowingwith wasted tears. as it was beforeand on and on intoperpetuity again. the man who pennedall these savageidiocies into theaether was a discardedhermit crab shellcovered in crystalsof salt and flakesof whoever it isyou pretended he […]

the need for mirrors

i saw him, an accumulation of failures, staring at me from across the room. his face twisted in bitter snarl of self mocking an expression i knew too well the ugly bastard smiled, knowingly, guessing at my thoughts correctly, judging by the coldness in his grin i turned away unable to look at the blank […]

flaw(less)ed self portrait

a series of flawsless human, more scaba weeping wounddripping pus overan indifferent landcorrupted atan atomic levela mistakemistaken for the missinglink from manto beast of burdenscharged with staticclinging too tightlyshaken offtrash in the tepidair of abandonment. as ugly insideas outan invertedelephant manjust a series ofcalcium deficienciespitted like thedead satellitehe personifiesshining a feeblefacsimileof her brilliance. a conglomerateof […]

happy anniversary to Notches, a collection

Notches, a collection came out two years ago today. i didn’t start writing to put out stories. it began as the weight of the world became insufferable. a fool began screaming in lowercase to an uncaring universe. somehow it attracted the eyes of one of my favorite living writers, Patrick C Harrison III and the […]

let him drown

the wordsfloatchumon the high seasdrawingthe attentionof sharks. as he simplyseeksto drownfacedown in theshallowsthe shadowsswarm. a playthingfor themisplacedaffectionsof the predatorsdressed asdamsels in distress.


there isa holein the center ofmy patchworksoulthat threatensto swallow mewhole. when i wasa kidi would sitin the branchesof an oldoak treeand stare atthe world in wonder. now i sitalonewonderingexactly how longit has beensince anythingmade anysense at all. falling inupon myselftumblingdown down downinto thehole in mypatchwork soulswallowed whole.

for once

i apologizefor notimmediatelydeclaring myabsolutedevotion for notextractingmy dessicatedcardiacindecencyas a tithing but it isn’tmineto givethe one withsunshine in her eyesand wildflowersin her smilehas itsafely heldin herperfection and petty jabsor mean spiritednonsensedoes nothingto change that it isn’tme. it’s you.

empty affirmation

listening to the rain hit the concrete as the phantom scent of coffee unbrewed lingers in the dark it pitter patters as if any of this really matters an incessant tapping through the haze.


i woke a sheen of sweat clinging to me my heart thundering in my head the hooves of a clydesdale stomping in time to the ever increasing intensity of the pain in forked tongues through my concussive gray matter the claws of the harpies clenched tightly around my throat still clogged with unsaid words. i […]

sheep of she

there is a frighteningparallel tothe times of confuciusand the currentstateof the world. he railed out againstthe crumblingof society as autumnfaded to winterbreakingthe country apart. who speaks now out nowin a worldwhere families are fracturedby false idealspropagatedby unsocial medias. torn apart in the pursuitof beingupstanding to the detrimentof its meaningdeceivingourselves of the truth.

negative space

he is a negative inhabiting a positive space inverted so that he can never reflect photons just ever slowly absorb them. he is a negative desolating all positive space monochromatic in a land of technicolor half truths burning to death on a glacier of dream. if he was ever really there at all.

dark this morning

seems to be a rusted coil keeping my light from ever shining or this photo-negative reality absorbs the feeble glow inside i asked the ceiling for answers but like asking god silence reigns so i sit in darkness unsure if any of this is actually occuring at all murmuring my love from the black hole […]

rowing into the void

he sits on a row boat immobile upon waves of calcified despondencies a lone albatross circles the frozen sea slowly starving so very far from home. bottles lay discarded on the stony waves missives sent with the best of intent undone by the latency between god’s shadow and heartshiver pleas etched in lonesome sighs.


every line leavesa piece of my sorrow,roughspun silk, to drapedown your thrummingache. a filthy kite stringconnecting tragedies,burrowing blow flies inthe dessicated heartof passion. i would gladly holdevery broken soul tightlyto my steam powered heartin hopes of sealing thecracks. but i cannot, so ileave a trail of discardedodes to litter the highwayscattered bits of souldanderemptiness.


torn apart by hungry hands seeking succor in the swirling sand i was never going to slay demons or save the day not the prophecized hero or chosen one any royal birthmarks were beaten into a mass of ugly truths the only star that fell on the day of my birth did so out of […]

three sad sacks

she gyrated absently around the brass pole as the bass thumped and all i could do was stare at the pitcher of piss yellow just as apathetically bubbling on the table with one short leg that wobbled like the waitress with the fake leg that kept winking at me. we may have been the three […]

lost whimsy

inter me in your salacious vanity carve my hollow bones into a flute to play as you skip down the winding trails of lost whimsy crimson drips from gluttonous cumulus the road is scarred the reminders of when innocence was plasticized by the seven hundred degrees of separation when i get angry my pockmarked indecencies […]


amethyst flashes in the once serene small town skies an ink blot pools just beneath the fleshy chunks draped over bone calling out through the tides forced though arterial by ways pushed along the fractured incongruence that makes up his entire state of unbeing. there are creatures in the darkness just beyong the scope of […]

hollow earth theory

the earth is as hollow as every half whispered prayer to the emptiness above. the earth is as flat as every half returned affection from the nothing inside. the earth simply wobbles in the wake of missed connections static in the malaise. each morning i seek to reconfigure the globe in a way that brings […]

the rains

and the rainshave comeagainafter surrealceruleanuniform graythe day diesas the skycries frigid dismay. and the rainshave comeagaina day spentdriving in aself made foglost in herinstead of lostin my own defeat. and the rainshave comeagaina steady showerunable tocleanse the filthfrom a worldof dirty secretsand sultry lies. and the rainshave comeagainto soak throughmisapprehensionsgently freezingover woundsweeping poisonedblood to etch […]

destitution turns to prostitution

m ennenbach patreon hey everyone the fool has had enough of going negative every month while waiting for that one book to hit. so i listened to one of my bestest friends. Patrick C Harrison III (PC) and started a patreon page. i plan on writing poetry that is exclusive there for a period nd […]

wildflowers a(n)d sunshine

my love is my definition of beauty her heart and her mind illuminate my shadows shining bright when i wake ugly again and i can be so very ugly. she is everything which helps balance out my nothing without diminishing her wonder in the slightest. sometimes i fear i am her only flaw and i […]

three note refrain

the sky looks like pollock found a surplus of pinks and oranges and in a fit used up each and every last can the world is too still one lone bird repeats a three note refrain staring at the mass of fresh bruises in dayglow aftertones hopefully signaling the end of this entire goddamned world […]

mendacite mirrors

is there anything less clear than the lies reflected by the mirror somehow made less than the sum of accumulated scars a jigsaw menagerie missing all of the important pieces in this mental distortion in curved glass funhouse refractionary relapse is there anything less clear than the lies reflected by the mirror i think not.


give me somethingto keep this fooltongue busy enoughto lose the poeticmendaciousness, letme show you the realpoetry born as youwrithe against thisfont of meanderingsemi-legible loopsa cunning linguistof cursive cunnilinguscarefully inscribingmasterpieces acrossyour every secret joy.


the words are singing loudly yet incoherent the ice cold metal of a straight razor, honed to a near monomolecular edge skipping across goosepimpled flesh the rhythmic slap scratch of a brush on canvas the scratching of graphite the cutting of flesh i cannot see past my self contained torments to decipher the intent today […]

twenty four pointless lines

feeling around this gaping absence swirling absently random incursions shifting electron orbits the image reflected in quicksilver sighs trace iconography neither elusive nor reclusive redactive reactive reductive an ocean of unbound sin algebraically deductive in linear inconsistencies another foolish pouring of pitiful obsolescence accidentally spilling a poetic emblem of sheer mediocrity penned in the darkness […]

half dreamt nothings

i woke distraught at three o’clock my first thought was to murmur my love into the surrogate pillow the next three hours were spent staring at the ceiling lost in the haze of the turgidity in irreconcilable schisms in this wondrous world of half dreamt nothings the neighbor was screaming into the same void i […]

a remote with dead batteries

deep in the throes of another episode in a series of hellishly episodic angellic hunger pangs crawling across broken promises of forever for a night for a weekend forsaken taken as the fool he portrays effortlessly on television shows broadcast on inverted satellite arrays beaming along the hollow birdbone skeleton of exceptional insufficiency there are […]


a woodpecker has joined the cacophonous cavalcade of feathered minions. i found myself staring at it while it stared back at me both in confusion. but frankly, i am not nearly as important as bugs writhing benath the bark. so we agreed to settle back in to our routines whilst pretending the other is a […]

blank expressionism

i am not invisible just on another spectrum of unvisible shades made up of incidental pains casually inflicted with icy disregard a ouija board remnant a love unreturned a frosted trickle of clumsy disenchantment a splintered facade along the bindings of my coal dust heartshatter memoirs when hope wasn’t just another four letter casual misdirection […]

am i real?

i have become less a man more a slab of meat slow roasting over the perpetual heat of self imposed hellfires depression holds tightly to my less than significant state of being ephemeral mists where a person likely never truly ever existed i scream silently watching as you drive past slowly without a glance phantom […]


days occur where it feels as if the world is out to get me unfortunately other days occur that just prove it really isn’t there is not enough value in this personage to incur anything approaching that level of spite an empty glass bottle is worth a nickel in michigan an empty souled poet is […]


i lay listening to the sounds of morning the truck barely turns over the neighbor sings as she walks to her car the birds begin to call out for the sun my heart weakly slaps against the ivory cage as my lungs feel filled with liquid i woke at three staring at the ceiling as […]

sick and whining; a poet is

i feel radiant in shades of gray drawn so petulant in fragmented meh my insides feel rusted and clogged my unsides reel in staggering instances of grave despair church bells ring signalling the end of selfish lividity i scream until blood flecks my spittle into the howling winds raging forth so impetuously unimportant hell has […]

lady lazarus

shed so many scales using them to build this treefortified home of blunt force trauma shelter from storms just behind my ever shifting occular windows to the broken screaming for release callused hands wrapped callously around the throat of adorations watching the lips once so tenderly kissed go blue as they are starved of the […]