tarps and traps

we had a thickweathered green tarpunder which wekept our bicyclesduring the inclementrainy springs andlong frozen wintersit was waterproofso the dips andvalleys of fabricfilled with poolsand i would race mylittle metal carsdown the trackssuspended by thehandlebars and framesof the forgotten bikesrecreating death defyingstunts as the plasticwheels spun with agentle whining on thespindly metal axlesno thought given […]


i haven’t given up i have simply given away the best parts of myself to the universe cut off mementos to hang from the trees and the faint rattle is all that remains of a fool in a scorched silhouette where fevers flared frightful frozen flames ashes drift to settle in an inken solution with […]

deluded sketches of self

humanity has huddled around various light sources to whisper tales of the monsters lurking in the darkness since the first rudimentary paintings scrawled upon the caves they hid in the more they evolved the more clever the ways they distilled the horrors that encompass humanity itself into a mythology of gods to explain away how […]

dusting off old talking points to the same effect

i have become a student of the false banter brokered by internet jockeys spinning outrages taking truth and perverting it for an enabled audience to rage over momentarily despite any factual evidence to support it it is fascinating televsion shows are pandering and the cartoon characters cannot be homosexual vaccines are trackers and the media […]

an infliction of infected inflections

i can’t tellif the lightsare flickeringor if realityis shatteringbetween thesethunderous yawnsmy hand quiversand hot coffeespills over therim of the mugi see the fleshturn red butfeel nothing throughthe pins and needlesas the sun shinesa diluted hazeof sallow indignationinto the cloud ofstale smoke andlingering malaisean illusion ofsleepless shadowsas the bags beneathmy hollow eyesblunt the daggersof flickering lightand […]


outside my door strung from the light to the bottom of the second landing is a massive spiderweb the first morning i met my new neighbor i stood quite still in mid motion of locking the door as henrietta a frightfully large spider sat staring at me attentively perhaps a bit too attentively as if […]

the illusion of side mirrors

i lose a littlemore of myselfevery mile drivenin the half dreamtstate of longing forthe things thatappear closer thanthey truly arestaring into theside mirrors for aglimpse at the reflectionof the promised happinessi can’t quite tellif i am chasingor racing just out ofreach of with no cluehow to slow down andlet it catch up to meonly to […]

a fairy tale

a fairy tale upbringing grounded in harsh reality no magical spells cast to save the plucky hero just a lifetime of issues used to make sure the ending is the only happiness to be found. no wishes granted as each one of the fears compacted is exploited by the careless whims of indifference casually given […]

i am dying

i am dying this slow death of a thousand papercuts interminable this torture spending each day making thousands for the fat cats who pay pennies to the poor schlubs losing the best part of themselves chasing white picket fences the bank will own long after the flesh has fallen from ivory bone i am dying […]

excising diction to avoid the quiet disregard

a half empty bottle of whiskey music on too loud sending ripples through the amber sharp white cheddar on cheap saltines and the bottomless depths of anxiety flipping back and forth between manic depressions and angry acceptances in a synaptic storm flash frying the quivering gelatin containing this abomination of ancillary existence shot glasses shatter […]

airports and offices

it wasn’t the words that choked me it was my pride at being relegated to the shadows i had to learn to swallow and i realized it wasn’t pieces of me i was losing it was the pieces tossed in the trash no one had a use for swirling in an abyss as i gave […]

brass statuary

brass statues frozen smiles locked in the tedium of false motion never managing to accomplish a thing except collecting birdshit and acting as props for tourists tarnished handprints in sickly green obscuring the sorrow of being held at arms length from the joyous crowds i find that i can relate more to these brassworked automatons […]


i dont know if it is this digital age affecting things but i tire of this sterilty vases filled with plastic fucking flowers no scent nor hint of the terminal velocity in beauty wilting just half measures placeholders artificial artistry pantomiming the hits with no concept of the blisters bursting on the tired hand clenching […]


easily infuriated technology has turned into a trial of ever waning patience phone keeps rebooting cutting me off as cars cut me off not understanding the angry automaton piloting this hybrid death machine waiting for the satellite in geosynchronous orbit to lavish my hollow skull with directions to the next appointment with half conscious paramecium […]


a feeling ofhaving been beatenor each musclejolted by voltageseizing crampsfrom the adrenalinein panicked attackswhere fight or flightare mere dreamsbecause the enemyis yourself andno matter how hardi attempt toflee my brain itis the only realityin chemically saturatedinsanity i can trustto stab me in thechest while smilingtoday feels like isurvived a car crashfrom the rampant abuseanxiety puts […]


lost in the turgidity of turbid thought the seething emptiness of insular ideas unacted upon by this fear stained stasis of inchoate necessities less a soul objectified in defiance writhing down avenues of deeply entrenched dead end needs a creature in human disguise intermingling a prostitution of desperations with a solemnity in eager silence

literally lost

even with satellites helping navigate i got turned around by an accident and was suddenly lost somewhere outside burleson choking down frustration and the edges of a panic attack the seatbelt too tight across my chest and i cannot catch my fucking breath going in circles on backroads i need to stop but i cannot […]

as long as they are good, he pretends to be as well

he dashes to and fro between the plates teetering on small wooden rods carefully spinning each one at just the right speed to keep them all perfectly balanced he is exhausted but the audience just watches at the edge of their seats waiting for the inevitable collapse signaling a chain reaction of shattered plates but […]


spewing out poetic fumes as tectonic plates shift in silent fury i feel myself about to erupt so i bite down on my tongue hoping the blood sacrifice appeases the sullen soul as i lay waste to a bedrock of porous pumice from the last catastrophic burst

a sheet of paper, part 10

the sheet of paper had had enough grown lethargic from the litany of listless dreams a crisis of self did the words hastily scratch onto its papyrus flesh define who it was meant to become another meaningless ode scrawled by a fool too deluded to accept fate had other hells in store for him only […]

onion rings

a new business park the same drab grays another empty parking lot painstakingly peeling layers off this onion blaming the sulfuric stench for the tears a perfect plaything each new level exposed a confoundation of repetitions revealing the hidden cyclicality of abhorrency calling from the nothingness in a computer coded series of meaningless zeroes the […]

brittle viper

brittle little poet feeling so all alone in his rundown apartment pacing endlessly through the long nights spent picking apart the broken bits until his hands are covered in tiny little cuts from the technicolor dreamshards puncturing the tenderest of desire suffocating on the depressive tentacles wrapped around his papermache ribcage as the canary slumps […]

hello mother

i assumeyou’re still alivethere hasn’t beenan email sayingany differentnor a callor a messageexcept that onefrom my cousinsaying you mighthave had cancera few years back how long has itbeen since we talked? thirteen yearsthree monthsand four days how do i knowto the exactnumber of days? it was whenmy son was bornand i called youto say you […]

flesh from bone

oh, how i feelthe black waterschruning beneaththe bow of myrickety vesselas the waves swellbattering the hulland i dream ofsinking underneaththe spume of eveningbeckoning in thefrigid ebony riverfor there is naughtleft for a forsakenfool chasing doombleeding calamitiesin oil slick poolsrefracting moonbeamsinto a slick sickof corrupted desireto do but succumb tothat dead eyed moonfilling the vacancyin my […]

bitter fruit

some people have learned all they need to devoting themselves to the small world they occupy and are contented in the knowledge that gets them through the routines they need to survive specialized geniuses unaffected by all the ideas they have no need for i know just enough to see the glaring holes and the […]

syncopated chills

ny syncopated heartbeat shook the cover off and i woke cold in a tangle of half remembered dreamcoral as the sun broke between the slats to tint the darkness with a sickly penumbra extinguishing the lingering tendrils of sleep in an exhaustion of desperations as i clawed at the hazy haunting of my hollow cathedral […]

noontime fireworks as the ceiling sighs

as the darkness lays cool upon my flesh the quiet of the bedroom settles politely as the ceiling listens patiently as i pontificate on not feeling the words choking me as i realize there is nothing left for me to say that hasn’t been ignored at least a dozen times unacknowledged in a casual glance […]

wicker fool

i can’t help myself from tracing the edges of my lacerated soul plucking at the tattered wisps as they dance in the constant swirl of the ceiling fan reminiscing over the fingers that once plucked the strings across my blistered tender remnants in a soothing song of succor tinged with painfully sharp reminders of how […]

leaving september lesser than again

i leave september buried deeply down nestled in the ache permeating my chest the fallow reminder of being put aside the festive rotting of autumn signaling a new beginning as it germinates in the corpseridden heartsoil soaked with desperate tears shed for the things left unacknowledged by eyes that only know how to gaze inwardly […]

seeds falling

the seeds fall to clatter on the hot conrete or bounce off of the roof of the car little birds dart through the air catching them in their beaks before winking at me and flying off into the sanguine hints of the swollen sun as it tiredly sinks towards the west for a moment it […]

empty hearth

i am a creature made of fire self aware enough to see the timbers as they turn to ashes and the flames grow dimmer the longer i sit and wait too much time too many thoughts too honest with myself even as i delude myself into thinking things will get back to a semblance of […]


joey ramoneis dead in the groundthe heart of punklies shatteredbeneath sheena’sscuffed up docsand nothing hasfelt right since

2424 e 38th st

if i didn’t know betterand with the rampantdissociation of latethere is a chance thatmy grasp is tentativebut driving the back wayinto the airport to goto one of the manynondescript squat setsof industrial parksfilled with busy peoplenavigating logisticsfrom bland buildingsthat seem to suck at thesoul of a person in thestatic misery of sittingso close to the […]

renewal letters and dying dreams

of all the varied and horrific cycles of my traitorous fucking mind my least favorite of them all is feeling the walls of the cage as they smother every bit of hope from my deflated soul the sense of being trapped with zero recourse no chance of ever escaping as the lease renewal letter flutters […]

morning affirmation from aunt sara (play each morning)

“don’t ask questionsdon’t be seenmake yourself partof the scenerynondescript andsilent lurking justout of frameno one wants to seea rotten bastardwith the devil’seyes and tongueand if they chooseto acknowledge youthen hold tight toyour wallet becauseit isn’t you thatthey are interested inyou are a nothingthat will never matterjust a stain thatruined your parent’schance at happinessand you should […]

the avarice of the ocean (echoes)

one thingabout survivingcertain heavy handedchildhood lessonsyou never shakeis the echoesthat reverberatein the silencepointing outthe similaritiesin what was carvedfrom innocenceand what is saidwith careless disregardin the quiet timeswhen you are almostkeeping it togetherthe affirmations ofthe long red linesburning in the coolsleepless nightsno matter how fara restless soulmight travel fromthose places of painit takes very littleto put […]

an over abundance of mismatched keys

i have bled everyday for five years polluting the æther with my incessant odes to cages crafted by helping hands wondering when the next verse will be my last as i rot away in a parking lot unnoticed for days until someone complains about the stench or has my car towed to free up the […]

an abandoned year

the last year has been in dedication to sullen dessication as i withered on the vine beneath the harsh glare of my own ineffectualities rotely reciting innocuous intangibilities in an abundancy of dehydrated incoherencies lost in an infinite loop where emotional health listlessly languished in a lethargic haze of silent affirmations issuing a full retreat […]

little more than a platypus’s poisoned barb

black lightning arcs between my splintered ribs from the binary stars cast in photonegativity crackling in an ebony crescendo eradicating the fossilized plaque of coagulated hope vaporizing thought as i vibrate in time with the paper lantern moon’s unctuous silvery regurgitated glow a walking umbra catastrophically close to a total meltdown losing all control of […]


distracted by the refractions against moisture in languishing droplets of vapor sending an illusion of cerulean to disguise the vast emptiness that surrounds each failing cell as the rotation whips the tiny ossicles into a full blown frenzy and i can feel the pull of solar irradiated oblivion leeching my will into the spiraling arms […]

the coffee maker screams steam laden dismay

lost in numerics in the sultry sequence of algebraic insolence letters and numbers equating solutions to solvent equations of hypothetical figures dancing under the hazy moon as it deteriorates in the nascent beams of a cranky morning sun trickling latent sums through the carefully regulated ignominy of the chaos brewing black in the absence of […]

origami swans

my clumsy fingers fold the delicate parchment of my origami heart into the shape of an awkwardly (un)majestic long necked swan ever the perfectionist not content with my previous attempts i smooth and straighten the cardiac sheet ignoring the creases from so many prior failures in folding until the tattered tissue paper tears i dreamt […]

under the weather (one thousand miles away)

i find i am not immune to the sweet call of occasional bouts of homesickness the spinning vortex for a place i know no longer exists terminal trips of razored nostalgia through lost souls in sepia malaise it isn’t as if there is any hidden opportunity in amongst the fields of corn new experiences squirreled […]

laundered dreams

my mind is quite persuasive in the persnickety nature of my bipolarity and even though i needed to do so much my legs were disabled at the doorway as the voices whispered to come back to the couch and never go anywhere at all until the last possible moment and so now i find myself […]

lamentations on an electric oven

sylvia comforts me in the times between fleeting naps when my heart beats so quickly my breath catches and the middle of the night is no different than speeding through traffic as i grip tight to the pillow trying to exert some control on the lawlessness of manic derision squeezing my eyes shut so hard […]

amuse(me)nt park

life is an amusement park as a child rife with wonder each new sight each new smell a promise of adventure lurking in brightly colored tents we want to experience each rickety ride play every game and stuff ourselves with fried confections with an abandon only limited by our parents dwindling roll of red tickets […]

pearlescent oblivions

sleep pulls a lazy current as i trudge the silt for pearls enough to grind up a binding agent in shimmering flecks of bespeckled angst i swim against the tide sucking at the shore only to find myself surrounded by surprised fish flailing in the sudden absence of murky salinity slapping the floor of eroded […]

store bought dreamcatcher

a store bought dreamcatcher oversaturated with the sickly sallow light of secondhand dreams plucked from stray somnambulists skulking sleepily in shifting silence slipping unknowing into the silky abyss another half desolate little town out in the dying heart of nowhere texas the fields grazed until the red clay bleeds into the cerulean nothing the sun […]

the delicate stomach of an amateur astrophysicist

on occasion the wobble of the earth’s rotation feels more pronounced and my tenuous grasp slips ever so slightly so i close my eyes awaiting the sudden shift before the vacuous embrace in boiling blood as i rupture in agonzing sublimation among the emptiness between fading stars in the meantime i shuffle awakwardly over eggshells […]

5221 n o’connor

a maze of construction stairways that lead to locked doors elevators unable to reach certain floors a labyrinth of underground warrens beneath a herd of brass cast stallions frolicking in a fountain as angry faces in bright orange glare at a fool with an ever dwindling ball of yarn as the mechanical minotaur roars frustration […]

cardboard signs unheeded

i admire the perseverance of the panhandlers tattered signs knowing maybe one in a hundred will acknowledge their existence casting a wide net for the scraps in the sea of humanity i stopped begging groveling for a moment worth of time and slipping farther and farther away until i was no longer there and my […]


straddling between the shortening days and lengthening nights the autumnal equinox signaling the end of summer’s embrace as we slip towards the frozen tyranny spent in lingering dark the tenebrae weakens between life and death allowing a slipshod bleeding over where the spirits exert a faint soectral moducum of influence after so long spectating through […]

a caffeinated slurry of vaguely vanilla dismays

electrified eels lazily arc through my intestines as a razor blade symphony slices my internals into bloody meat ribbons and i cannot tell if this is some kind of stomach bug or the constant whirlwind of rabid anxieties finally catching up to me as a rain of hot coffee bukkake sprays from the shaker to […]

n field street

i suspect i am an amateur medium channeling all of the spirits that did their best to snuff out the spark before my inferno could rage because if the fire wasn’t to keep them warm then it served no purpose brightening the sky for others to enjoy now i sit huddled buried beneath downtown dallas […]

passionate despair

i get lost roaming the spirals in dessicated wonder genuflecting at the empty throne of creation as the fading fingerprints of god leave another desert where verdant dream once flourished kicking the speckled remains of eggshells watching the skies for signs of life under the absence that bears down heavily to shatter the hollow semblance […]

herded along 360

i am a student of the herd mentality the psychology of the human psyche as it applies to driving in texas the fast lane is accurate only in fits and starts of eventual progress they stay two inches apart and shift forward army ants on the prowl for sustenance never leaving a space for fear […]

de camions de pompiers et de tournevis

a sense ofalways startingin the negativesgiving morethan is receivedon a perpetual basisleads to a deficitsix feet deepand growingevery single dayuntil the tapgoes dry anda true reciprocationis given to theexpress digressionof a wilted worldin half promisedimpossibilities shiny metal firetrucksand lost screwdriversthe dying memoriesold spice andcrackling tobaccoeveryday anotherincremental lossa constantly expandingdeficit of hope leadingto daydreaming aboutthirteen loops […]

sputtering into a new week

sitting swaying little more than a half carved puppet poked and prodded by the invisible forces entangling this universe of apathetic insolence while slowly being smothered in a net of haphazardly handwoven lessons unlearned through trials by misfired compulsions causing an overbearing need to prove my existence as i shrink smaller to dodge the light […]

every time, two weeks a leper

you would think by this time at least it wouldn’t feel as if someone stabbed my heart with a white hot dagger every time the kids leave for two weeks that there would be a callus that formed and this callous ache would be little more than a phantom tingle yet here i sit holding […]

i was an orange tree, until she made me a lime

i was a fading memory until she grafted a hint of her beauty to my cardiac sac the infusion spread across my system until i became nothing but hers becoming something more than i ever dreamt the same way farmer’s in mexico plant orange trees then graft a branch from a line tree carefully pruning […]

back end of a bad cycle

the depression has a rigid fluidity and sometimes all i can do is give in to the effervescent madness claw furrows into the walls of my self imposed prison even as i know it is a cell of slowly degrading cells unified in entropy yet seeking some sort of immortality in the empty refrains of […]

mummified in bedsheets

the dead decided to parade about in my subconscious muddy footprints on the carpet leading from six foot escape tunnels to circle around in a ritual to keep me tossing about the empty bed where dreams are one level lower than sleep allows me to settle letting my fingers trail in the stardust stream of […]

keep moving

as long as i don’t stop and think everything is just fucking hunky dory the issue lies within the inabilty to turn off my brain for longer than it takes the thoughts to linger then fester painting the landscape in shades of despair even the sunlight shies away from the irresistible force of my bipolar […]


my father taught me most everything i know i didn’t have to teach myself people that knew us both always said we were exactly the same just he was always nicer which was probably true because he was smart enough to keep his mouth firmly shut while i have always been an open sewer he […]

without tools

i don’t know if i forgot to hit the lock button on my key fob or if someone popped the door but my tools were stolen from the backseat and i am trying to not fall to pieces over the ratcheting screwdriver my dad bought me thirty some years ago mostly because i am now […]

lowerclass lowercase

i feel hollow a twisted ballon animalistic yet absurdly ill defined my words reverberate from within this rubbery sausage casing cranked and spun and knotted and forgotten as i slowly deflate nothing about me down to my very cells is the same man that lived in illinois no longer the same abandoned little child or […]

a sheet of paper, part nine

the sheet of paper was miserable had given up on any of the small pleasures it had once derived it dreamt each night as it lay upon its desk fallen asleep after hours of mind numbing work of the days it sat carefree in the binding with its siblings ink stained odes to wildflowers and […]

31 stories

thirty stories upone lodged in my throatwatching mechanicalbeetles crawl towardsa slow death inconcrete monolothsand me judging thema benevolent godlingignoring the obvioussimilarities in myown inescapable hellthirty stories upchoking on the onelodged in my throat


i skitter halfway between waking and dead the lingering fog hangs cloying in a sublimation where need roils to coat my vision with the spectres long buried in bitterness awoken by roasted beans to saturate every muted hue of a new morning indistinguishable from the last percolating in anxieties and need i spoke at length […]

lost and unfound

the sun wilts fading into the west evening stretches a long miserable dark silently disastrous in photonic displacement life can be incredibly heavy dragging anchors through wet sand in a stinging swarm of perilous dreamembers carelessly navigating the rivers of raw sewage an infection of incendiary disease souring soulblossoms in an evening fugue tant de […]

anything anywhere anytime

the ride was going so well i went the back way down mockingbird crossed over grassy canals and got a perfect view of dallas’s skyline there were two wrecks but i somehow deftly managed to avoid getting caught up in the congestion another fleck of phlegm barrowing escaping the constriction of sudden construction the highway […]

hive echoes

the music echoes throughout the empty bottom level of the concrete hive where dreams wither on the blackened vine the gods of random songs have declared in their divine petulance today will be filled with agression even as anxiety flares hot i exist in a sphere of the burning steam where my passions dash themselves […]


the sun has yet to wake itself from the long quiet night of slumber the apartment is as dark as the coffee steaming in the mug today is not meant for being caged yet i dress slowly well aware some cages are made out of glass and show you the freedoms we have to pay […]

ennui fall into despair

writing tonight is extracting thorns from tender spots with shaking hands gripping rusty pliers a lesson in agonizing futility dripping pus to stain any hope of beauty less frustrated more resigned scribbling another fucking poem a half drank pot of coffee with a shiny oil slick reflecting the faerie lights dancing recklessly within my own […]

backed up

everything is backed up this afternoon the entire day really a traffic jam since my eyes opened and the silence gripped my stained glass soul so tightly cracks formed in the disillusion of disjointed colored frames bleeding a sterility in shattered deluge across what could have been random lane closures sutures of coarse twine pulling […]


the words spillin watercolors acrossmy aching mindyet the only onesi can extract fromthe pastel pageantryare coffee flavoredkisses to my lovewho sleeps by the waves that is enoughmy sacred bastionin the anxietiesswirling relentlesslyerasing any doubtas to why i love her so

her brown eyes beckon in the sunflower serenade

hidden away in an industrial park i sit enjoying the sun shining across an overgrown area around a dried up creek scraggly little trees coniferous dancing pins and a row of haphazard spread sunflowers with deep brown eyes in a finery of bright yellow petals fifteen minutes to go until the damnation in concrete hell […]

a losing battle, yet to them my heart staggers on

the depression swarms around my head a cloud of gnats in vivid apprehension an arid vivisection exposing the tumors pulsing in various heightened states of shivering dismay i stood in the shower the smell of lime and hibiscus tickling the back of my brain lost in the fogbank of half recycled dreamshit the hot water […]

sundays are a pox

it begins not always but often enough with a taste of acidic electrical static dripping from molar to tongue in a tingling numb similar to touching your tongue to a nine volt battery the anxiety pounces all sinew and muscles rippling a jaguar growling softly the dappled light through the leaves a perfect camouflage for […]

tending the tender gardens of secret surrender

i wear my disbelief pulled tightly around my shoulders to give shelter from the elements to the nigh quixotic innocence of my technicolor heartspasms the world is so barren and ugly indiscriminately lashing out in the petulance of permeable despair yet deep inside these catacombs where hope dissolves into hopelessness i tend a secret garden […]

fiery chorus

i feel less substantial this evening vaguely formless a living shadow wondering how it would feel to be alive i used to light a candle each time i missed you so badly i couldn’t breathe until i found myself trapped in a river of wax and now i just imagine them and an inferno consumes […]

another desperately plaintive scream into the void

how can i fault the canary seeking to escape the cage inside my heaving chest it yearns for the freedom of the cerulean forever it has seen only in dreamshattered fragments filtered through the same chemical delusions in a soulblistered orgy of my own sinfully simmering ocean of discontent. i turn up the music to […]

snapshot of devotion

i gave my poetry to the wobbling heron as she flew low barely skimming the surface of the waves with breathless abandon the coffee flavored words of pure devotion spilled into the warming morning air as my heart fluttered with the cardinals in the heavy thicket. stolen glimpses of unimaginable beauty as my tongue forms […]

lunar madness

the moon is swollen with a stolen affluence of golden light peering proudly a pockmarked preening peacock a spotlight balefully illuminating the decrepit splendor of hope in decline i cut off a quivering sliver of my effervescent nothingness and watched longingly as it sublimated in shades of lavender lament before fading away in the gaping […]

i35n to dallas

i verily goddamned well flew upon gossamer wings of latent disasters at the speed of i fucking dare you up and down the i35 corridor a marionette tugged by invisible strings a castanet filled with writhing pale maggots shaking in my guts rattling the dirge that darkened my way back to dallas as my wooden […]

35 at west

the turkey bizzards circled tue heavy plumes of black smoke that billowed angrily across the clear azure from the pickup truck filly engulfed in flames blocking the on ramp just outside of tiny west texas north of waco i do not slow down the accelerator is pushed firmly to the floorboard as i weave between […]

have molotov, will travel

laying in the dark connecting dots unveiling a picture i would rather deny but self denial is a lot like self acceptance in the two are things i have learned to live without along with so many other things that seem inalienable yet pass right through my spaceship along with dangerous levels of solar irradiated […]

wildflowers bloom across the fields of elysium

trapped behind the windshield as the gray city smears into a congruous collection of discarded cocoons daydreaming of pomegranate lip stains as demeter simpers in her impotent rage imagining the unfettered excitement as hades prepares to welcome his beloved queen into the amethyst hallways of his royal castle loyal cerberus three tongues wagging guarding the […]


a certain uncertainty seems predestined to cast a pall in waves of humming static fat black flies feasting happily upon the rotten fruits of yesterday’s paltry harvest rumbling loudly a chainsaw of tangential anxieties tearing through the stagnation of retched dreamshit icicles of filth hanging heavily from turgid fantasy obscuring absentia in a mirage of […]


these white vansride my bumpereven though my speedis the speed of trafficas if inching fartherinto my back seatwill magicallydouble the rateat which we tumbleinto someone else’s dream. white hot nailspuncture my guts asthe stress i try to burybuilds into a nestof angry fire antsand casual slashesin moments of needdo little but draw outthe creatures lurkingjust […]

a second paper airplane

the moment the words have left the nib they no longer belong to you they belong solely to the world as they dry flaking off as scabs to be collected in corners or glittering gently in spiderwebs whatever heartache or passion you have poured out becomes replaced by the reader’s own unique perceptions you never […]

painprisms in orange relapse

tiny orange blossoms in withered repose bob merrily on the tepid wind where the future rots in stagnant refrain the dessicated beauty bathed in painprisms shying away from my ungulating staccato unable to fathom the misdirected attention of wolves dressed as sheep pretending to be world weary souls long domesticated with feral toothy grins i […]

tiredly facing tireless defeat

a series of seemingly misplaced affections stapled unwillingly to the heaving valves of a latchkey heart three hundred and sixty five bloody furrows etched in groups of five across the prison walls where nothing awaits except for the callous dismissal of diminishing returns as callused hands disabuse the notion of importance in impotent agonies inflicting […]

not unaware, just ineffectual

i keep most of my thoughts to myself to save everyone else the bother of ignoring me the irony of preparing a feast then begging for scraps after is not lost in the subtle hints a breadcrumb trail draws the ravens and i follow the discarded pinions seeing the patterns in what doesn’t remain hearing […]

hoarse cries of fathomless devotion

the clouds drift snuffing out the stars the same way life smothers hope leaving the land shrouded in an opression of billowing darkness as i clutch with bloody hands to the shards of dreams as they recede into the perpetual night where insomnial desires fluctate petulantly against the hammering tide of futility sounding an orchestra […]

a sheet of paper, part eight

it had been days morose and listless the sheet of paper existed but took no joy from being alive was it tainted forever ruined by the fool who scribbled agonies in repetition or was this all there was to be found cyclical madness in repetitive motion working to live but never truly living the sheet […]

a hundred miles of anxious meandering

a hundred miles melting away beneath the tires gripping the gradient asphalt as i dart threading the needle between tired truckers and a mirage of duplicate white cars the framrate stutters jagged textures carve the insolent blue as waco comes ever closer locked in a loading screen before the bland backgrounds stretch in a loop […]