pawned off

the problem with soaring is the inevitable landing effortlessly flying high over the world with only the clouds as company it is worse when the landing is face first into a tree hidden in mists right as day is supposed to break i have no say in anything at any point told where to go […]

icy hands

do you feel the hands clawing up and down your pretty little soul the cold fingers scraping against the weak frail broken heart of indiscretion past the lone cry of the gulls circling the landlocked department store parking lot lost their way far from tha seas they were born to fly over been gripped so […]

echo of before

once trust is broken or a secret being told it ceases to exist in the form it once held like capturing the breeze in a jar there is no chance of retaining intent when i was a child i tried to keep a snowball to see winter in summer but all that remained was a […]

biting winds of memory

rasps files graters across soft skin layer by layer exposing nervous condition bleak sorrow as saline solutions bring aching pain do you recall the sunrise when the breeze held the scent of hope the birds sang the flowers bloomed the world was in our hands do you recall the feel of fingers entwined stolen kisses […]


sliding down the drain like the last remains of summer’s sweet kiss to pool in the pipes of tomorrow’s decay leaves in the gutter rotting with the rest of the discarded daydreams of childhood taken in vain


it was a beautiful abomination monstrous in depthless misery reminiscent of arterial spray cast along stark winter wonder a blizzard of gore a heart ripped from it’s bone prison lain upon a bed of lotus still beating the spectacle of ugliness made into gorgeous symmetry like the moon on a blade as it plunges still […]

New news from me to youse

Exciting news on the horizon regarding new stuff from the fool, also known as M. Ennenbach. The incredible Tara Caribou has curated two volumes of the best writers going. The first of which is coming out October 25th for physical release (and who doesn’t love holding a good book) and October 30th for the e-book […]