peace in our time

they keep their eyes closed for fear of going blind their ears blocked for fear of hearing truth yet let their tongues flap like flags in the breeze spilling opinion as if they understand what they refuse to comprehend and we let them lead with our shoulders hunched deaf dumb and blind with no willingness […]


the sound of an anemic necrorhythm cast out from the dessicated remains of a leper’s soul draped in the cadaverous heartbeat of solemn drought the organ haunts the bloodspectre of reminscence the tock ticks as brass gears bind against the coppertinge of sweet regret a golem of bone staggers across the uneven heaving shadow of […]

strength in a tired smile

you would think she was ready to flee with those heavily packed bags under her swollen eyes you would think she could stop the tears that danced in her vision like a perpetual mist yet she kept moving forward with the weight of the world dragging doggedly behind her every step say what you will […]


ride me as if the world is frothing rapids and i am the last seaworthy vessel afloat let the bastards watch in envy as the riptides slowly pull them under

la luna distaccata

he stood naked in the tall grass firing shots at the moon while growling about unrequited love it was not nearly the stretch it should have been between my disbelief and my total understanding the brass fell hot to the ground while the goddamned moon just hung in the sky fat and aloof part of […]