greenwood cemetery

hidden in the middle of the outer edge of downtown near the heart of uptown lies a cemetery in the shadows of an ever growing city non-denominational with worn angels watching over illegible cracked stones it seems fitting as i sit peering through the spiked metal fence the sky decides to open up in a […]

mirror maze

she got out of the car at the red light with a dramatic sigh swearing she would never come back two hours later she knocked at the door shivering from the rain with remorse running like mascara down her cheeks he was already in bed long passed out from another needless fight tired of the […]

eight things

that look you give when you smile but it is just for me in a room full of people two moonbeams twirled together in the shape of your breasts as you sleep a piece of colored glass that caught the sun on the first morning we spent together a pebble worn smooth by the oceans […]

and behold her majesty, for she is death

her smile left a chalk outline on the ground suicide in her gaze left every wrist itching for a taste pupils contract in the grandeur of another willing demise she was born a homicide whether it was yours or her own a life would be taken before it was over given to sate her all […]

dentata d’amor

our love was a mouth full of baby teeth as we grew it loosened slowly fell out as adulthood forced it’s way to the surface it took growing to find the truth behind the enamel of what love should truly be trying to straighten it out with metal bands that only constrict the natural flow […]


sitting in a parking lot outside another plain building in a slew of buildings lining the same street in any town in any city in the country i wonder if this is what people in the past imagined the world would become a homgenized mess of glass and concrete with no soul