blurry eyes don’t focus like they once did as the thunder pounds behind vacant stares the world seems bathed in mirage how do you calm the storm that seems predetermined to rustle the vagrant stakes of nonendearing static into a pulpit of shame the light lacerates the skin of hopeless wonder until all that sizzles […]


living in the aftermath of an oppenheimer curse pale horse people kicking up the dust of ashen cityscapes winding the hands on the clock until the springs are all sprung the gears as toothless as any hope for salvation the ticking of canary hearts against the ivory cage of ribbed excess nothing but the oily […]


some saturdays feel like freedom while others cast a pall like a funeral shroud over an otherwise fleeting sense of flight the machinations of grinding flesh to paste beneath the mechanical jaws of hubris plays a catchy song of bones splintering along the fluffy white candy clouds in the pastel blue banishment of weeping stars […]

seasonal gratings 1

her kisses felt like riding in a hearse with the windows down on a warm autumn afternoon where the leaves have fallen and the trees look strangely like the varicose hands of the dead man in the box in the back there is a bitterness in holding her like tea left in the sun to […]

pistols at dawn

the bystander watches the self aggrandizing bastard fellate himself for the hundredth time in the last three days and for the ninety ninth time wonders to himself why pistols at dawn are no longer the answer to the question of how to shut the vociferous moron up he mutters to himself to keep calm that […]


he was a self propelled grenade of human instability and insular anxiety launched in a headlong collision with whatever brick wall of doubt was erected along the narrow arterial asphalt lane lined with dreamshards and razorwire of hope airbags disengaged seatbelts cut impact imminent a lackadaisical grin as the last cigarette sits between clenched teeth […]


she stands on a step ladder carefully pouring bleach into the machine but she has a smile for anyone that looks her way he stands against the wall loudly talking on his phone unaware that anyone else exists making sure they all see he does they sit huddled together on the chairs watching the bubbles […]