key to the willow pt VIII

she felt the earth tremble beneath bare feet as the branches swayed heavily on the shockwaves she curled into a ball as the dust clouds swept down into the forest the last thing she saw was a spark grow ever closer from the bright star in the ladle in the sky her bear clutched tightly […]

dentata dementia

a luxurious massage scraping enamel from tender tooth decay with bare roots left to rot in fluoride springs the tenacious tongues whispered sonnets of flaccid bridge collapse each pore a gasping whore in the humid dentata dementia


she wore an amethyst ring but i never noticed it so enthralled with her smile it never dawned on me to look at her hands purple is my favorite color amethyst my favorite stone it is her birthstone she said suddenly it went from my favorite color my favorite gem to an embodiment of her […]

(un)titled joy

we laughed like unholstered pistols danced like brandished blades we stood out like tendons strung on a giants wrist when the cannons fired across the eastern sky the commotion awoke the monsters from deep slumber still we smiled like freshly stropped razors glinting across the marbled seas

crooked halo

she left me handcuffed to the bedpost with no warning just smiled that sweet little smile then proceeded to walk out of the room fully nude my wrists are chafed my shoulders ache i hear her in the other room on the phone with her mother i would call out but the ball gag is […]


he watched the empty plastic bag blow around the parking lot he watched wondering was it an apt allegory for him part of him screamed no but deep down it felt correct

scar tissue

i would roll up my sleeves to face the day but the left shoulder is at thirty percent mobility covered in sweat as i roll out of bed already too tired to face the same day as yesterday one day is the same as tomorrow as the one that came before as the one that […]