the land is at odds with the weather it is overcast drizzly yet warm with a colorful drift of leaves blowing lethargically across the pitted concrete from the glass view of my rolling sarcophagus i expect the cold winds of childhood to shred through my shirt yet the warmth feels foreign i cannot make amends […]

just a seed

just a seed planted in the shady side of oblivion left to take root in the sand rich soil of bitter memory a stunted monstrosity gnarled under the selfish need for more in a land ripe with opportunities yet always placed just beneath notice (un)requited forgotten yet unbroken by callous cosmos insipid in design yet […]

boomboxes and dictionaries

listening to gaslight anthem while the media gaslights the nation doomsday prepping in an effort to avoid apocalyptic warning signs of tuesday being a second monday it’s like driving down the road as my father explains the impending divorce a discourse unnecessary in the grand scheme of granular streams in angular screams that maybe possibly […]


tie a string around my heart take me to the park run let the wind take it high into the sky a bloody kite for your pleasure my paper thin skin catching the breeze cracked ribs make a perfect frame for you to set me free at long last

nothing to say

a room full of bored faces stare expectantly at the lone fool sitting under the glaring spotlight he opens and shuts his mouth repeatedly as the words evaporate before hitting tongue this was a mistake a foolish miscalculation yet here he sits expounding upon nothing ladies and gentlemen allow us to present an idiot with […]


the needle pierces the skin as ink floods deep into the soft tissue over and over again the gentle hum of the motor an illusion of solidity constant stinging as the stencil is traced to become part of the road map a destination on the path to one’s self yet this sixteenth marker finally shows […]

beauty in nature

she threaded her way in between the nervous system of impulse and adoration wriggled her way deep into the marrow to imprint tiny breaths upon every red blood cell speeding through a vascular system punctuated with her every whim snaked deep inside the soft tissue so each movement bore her wonder inked her name upon […]