on writing II

sometimes it feels like speeding downhill with the brakes engaged sometimes like pulling your own teeth with no anesthesia at others it is a waterfall naturally going along a predetermined path by currents just below the surface but it cannot be forced poked or prodded without falling apart in the hands feebly grasping for it […]


the thing about depression that normal people don’t get is it isn’t sadness it is but it is not as well it comes to give kisses when you are happy draping you in too hot hugs bringing the world into it’s control it is a lack of motivation an inability to act on basic human […]

a case of the b’s

the blue black of a winsome bruise bringing back memories of beatings bygone lashing from the righteous fists of blind indignation thrown by the hulking brutes of benevolence in benign bitterness a benediction beguiling the besmirched beggars banished to the bell towers of briney loss bastardly betrayed by brandished blades


we were two errant stones tossed into the turmoil of every day but when you crashed into me suddenly i had to ponder the randomness of it all


time has no siblings death has no friends life is but a daydream sorrow never ends she kicked a can down the street as the lights flickered on an hour early due to the change in season a dog snarled through a gap in the weatherworn wooden fence with a tenacious need to be heard […]

a bit of tease, (un)poetic

coming soon from Potter’s Grove Press, my first poetry collection. I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it, I love writing fiction but I need to write poetry. This labor of love is a culmination of two months of spiralling emotion spilled across the page. The cover, by the brilliant Don Noble, that you get […]