lush lifelessness

john coltrane plays a wistful riff that echoes down my flaccid soul playing against the vertebrae introvertion of another nightmare left festering across the sleepy pockets of my mind in daydreams like this i know i am just the soft piano accompaniment to the staccato high hat that shivers in the lulls between notes the […]

self distressed expansion

the universe slows down for me in brief moments of clarity these insipid seconds stretch on and on until all of infinity itself can be boiled down into a craven feeling of fear and remorse these singular instances dance across the cerebellum like sparks drifting from a lightning struck tree split in twain deep in […]

and thus the angel weeps

the angel weeps her stone face frozen in perpetual sorrow as the gnarled branches of the tree dance across granite skin for in her tears shed in anguish for the folly of mankind none shall see the doom that lies resting gently upon her tongue beware the gaze of the angel for in her eyes […]

murder on the side of the road

as i drove down the empty highway i witnessed a murder hovering over the barren fields circling in preparation of a meal or so i assume the quiet drive filled with sudden apprehension as the black eyes stared with menace at something on the cold ground far below then en masse they swooped a small […]


i long for the tears to fall unfettered down scruffy cheeks to feel the bubble deep inside pop maybe find just a few moments of peace from this constant state of constantly stating that every single thing is fine living on the edge of a mental break emotionally unavailable to one’s self when emotional immaturity […]

more is less

i have spent the last week diving through hell both figurative and literal as this stomach virus rages and hell becomes all too real it is quiet so quiet that the only sound is that of the endless cycle of thoughts roaring in the empty skull of once upon a time so the fool writes […]