the rings of saturn are melting ring rain falling on the lonely giant uv bombardment from solar flares causing the ice to melt liquid pulled into the magnetic force of number six in the planetary chain some things seem to be forever yet the trappings of eternity are as foreign a concept as emotional discourse […]


service call at the zoo broken machine and a rambling eye as i stroll around watching the lions watching me with vague disinterest i can’t help but wonder as i sit in my rolling terrarium down the road who is watching me


rip van winkle had the right idea feels as if i could sleep a couple decades yet somehow still wake up needing another hour or two go to bed early wake ten times in the night a series of cat naps over months leaves exhaustion as the the only end

stained innocence

the sublime suicide in slow emotion every crack in the fabric of less than earnest smiles defies the atonal arrangement of subtle surprise a tear in the hivemind of superfluous intersection an intervention in intention the invention of release a reprieve in the remorse laden survivor guilt of stained innocence

natural order in chaotic bloom

the trees grow in perfect lines the birds fly in impossible formation the fibonacci sequence seems vivid in the least likely spaces between thoughts as the world consumes my vision the stump struck by lightning bears warning for the forest the green of the leaves become fiery flashes red gold to brown on the shadowed […]

i won’t

the last thing the world needs is another sappy piece of pedantic prose proclaiming the platitudes of love how many lines can be written about the way my heart skips a beat when you smile that secret smile of ours another stanza dedicated to the inherent joy of simply knowing you exist as a boon […]


sheered like a lamb for slaughter bathed in rose water like a virgin for sacrifice the sconce drips liquid flame onto the dusty stone of the pathway incandescent sapphires in sapphic delight into the bowels of the dungeon dragged deeper to be spit like meatgolems on the spear of destiny a lone dog howls from […]