a drop of crimson hits the surface of the crystal clear pool with a splash sending ripples across the tranquil surface before dissipating into nothing a second a third soon a constant flowing stream as the lone man kneels shakily trying to stem the tide pouring from his throat to the side she smiles white […]

mist rising

the mist rises gently over the placid waters thick with algae the world seems stagnant only the green remains only the green remains the stains of life’s last refrains bubble up from the sewage of yesterday the sewage of yesterday stews in primordial ooze of proteins forming rudimentary chains with nucleocytoplasmic integers with nucleocytoplasmic integers […]

one more

the subtle art of binge watching the inside of one’s eyelids seems to have been lost upon this always on world through a heady haze of exhaustion the need for one more trumps the bodily desire for sleep one more stanza one more fix one more episode one more kiss one more is the rallying […]

of bears and bares

i scrolled through the book of poetry that bears my name to see the words that bare my soul reading them for the first time since they ran from brain to finger to screen i tried to separate myself from the self that selfishly scribbled the odes to a she i dared not dream as […]

(un)poetic Release Day!

River’s post with links worldwide River says it better than I possibly could have. But today the fruits of his hard work and my scribbled lines is officially out there in the world. I have no doubts Potter’s Grove Press will be a powerhouse in the world of publishing. River is not just a brilliant […]

outside the fire

my guts are knotted like the tangled skein as clothos runs the rusty scissors to trim the errant thread from the tapestry of fate i feel her fingers across parchment thin skin to gently fondle the mass of tumors filling every crevice of this humanshaped sac deprived of stimuli wrested from sleep to shudder silently […]