tuesday dreamspasms

the creek trickles babbling merrily a sudden influx of fresh hopes splashing into this stagnancy of dream algae growing over the suface in tendrils rich with dismay red petals let loose from overladen blossoms floating blood clots a flare of crimson on a placid sea of gray ripples dance lazily as dragonflies dart over marble […]


a smudge the greasy whorls of a fingerprint at the edge of the lens a cataract floating aimless in the ocular jelly of divinty a squiggle a shadow in the dark lesser than speaking algebraically in a world of common core irrationalities a train leaves chicago at three in the morning the conductor is doing […]

monday morning realization

all day long i listen to pins drop booming through the enforced silence as i am relegated to the shadows never quite important enough to truly exist just a casual stain marring the day to day barely acknowledged and just as easily forgotten i was real for a week for the first time in a […]

summer night

hollow bone wind chimes sound a mournful dirge clattering together in the solemn heat a coyote whines in the distance careful to keep off the hot pavement skulking in the tall brown grass red dust fills the merciless skies with a crimson rage as i sit tying loops in six feet of rope the weathervane […]

the unbearable weight of sunday morning

i shudder as the cosmos slide across the fractured surface of my roadrash soul as my thoughts coagulate at the touch of a million stars grating flakes of sublime miseries to gently float a cloud of grit obscuring the view where discontent runs slipshod over sullen wonder a new pollutant in shades of tallow remorse […]

faster and faster

i am a bipolar butterfly chronicling my fluctuations of shimmering madness maintaining a factual log in metaphoric nonsense of my yoyo soul oscillating ever faster from north to south it has been quite difficult going from grub always starving consuming as much as i can gorge myself upon yet never reaching the peace of my […]

have coathanger, will travel

the machines grind up majestic bald eagles and call it the price of freedom clinging to parchment they do not understand as they shifted a democracy into a failed theocracy putting personal agendas before the rights that aren’t worth the paper they were scribbbled upon. land of the free home of the slave where they […]

a pile of needles

a cluster of brown withered cacti a testament to divine neglect and in the pile of discarded needles i see only myself pathetic evolution needing little nourishment yet still deprived of that small need left dessicated in a plethora of empty promises under the vacant eyes of universal contempt retracted roots as the trickle dries […]

artful dejections

i seek to trick the very wind itself into carrying my words and hopes to blow across this desolation stretching between heartbeats murmuring to sparrows overladen with odes as the breeze moves sluggish under the weight of frantic kisses a cool front tickling the heat of passions in half whispered lines of collision leaving naught […]

okay to not be okay, okay?

i have a sneaking suspicion as the bricks fall to smash down upon the crowded sidewalk this is just another end of the world worst case scenario carrying an umbrella to deflect debris as everything crashes down around me asbestos clouds billow to obscure the one way affections of a fool in a dying city […]

the grift

i watched them two older men flirting with the woman watching the self check out lanes one would call her over calling her gorgeous as the other set unscanned items into his bags then he would call her and the other guy would repeat the theft it was a good scam that brought a smile […]

the nightclouds roll in

only sorrow opens her arms to sweep me unto her shallow embrace i sway incorporeal the shadow of willow branches dancing beneath the pregnant moon engorged on stolen light spinning gently topsy turvy in polar decline and my thoughts form a latticework of lace to smother wispy dream weevils scurrying frantic anxious the first snowflake […]

hard stop

my mind races a million miles a second and then hard stop. sensory overload induces a constriction panic seizes my chest the pin is pulled and an explosion of exposition tears through cancer ridden meat i taste batteries on my tongue and pinpricks flare acros my scalp and i cannot fucking breathe and hard stop. […]

solstice blues

the birds stutter as the day begins to buffer a static overlay of demonic heat in the throes of the sun’s fury as we hurtle at our closest point unrelenting the solstice burns hope to ash as summer asserts her dominance on the sphere the children celebrate these dog days while i am as miserable […]

a request

strap me tothe fucking tablejam a spikeinto ny tear ductplace elctrodeson my skullcrank that shitto one hundredsecure my armschain me to thebeige padded walland feed meall the dimestorepsychologies whileyou pump me fullof the finestpharmaceutical wondersgive me all thedrips and pillsand drops and patchesand suppositoriesshoot me full ofpeace and heavenas i vomiteach and everyone of my […]


night wraps itself around my chest a silken suffocation in bands of sinuous velvety nothingness my heartbeat quickens as my lungs strain to draw the humid air into starving lungs it’s the words always with the goddamned words drumming incessantly tapping out rhythms along with bthe cracks running across my placid insecurities as i lay […]

john david ennenbach

a hint of old spice the crackle of tobacco burning the shadow of a giant standing in my mind it has been nearly twenty years and not a day goes by without thinking of him of waiting knowing he would be home soon i still chase after his ghost using the knowledge he passed down […]

sending kisses eith ink stained hands

the kids are happily snoring coffee beckons as i read about mythological murderers to try and satiate the itching at the back of my brain stories brew while i allow the words time to steep unwilling to write simply content to love her and her wildflower smile as the day lazily stretches on i feel […]


i like to gather the stones from the sides of railroad tracks to pack tightly into my chest in order to muffle the constant pounding stabilizing my every frantic breath these naturally formed baffles reduce vibrations as freight moves through the country so why can’t they silence my hammering pulse whenever the anxiety pulls me […]

black sacrament

excise me from your mind erase my taste from your lips delete every solemn whisper lingering along your pretty lobes exorcise me one less spirit haunting your every thought bathe yourself in holy water and wash my sin away you believed me to be a catalyst stumbled headlong into cataclysm for all the heaven hovering […]

lonely echoes

run the rusted blade along my chest let the crimson well until red drips to stain the carpet in rorscarch dementias proclaiming the story of a lost soul seeking succor in the emptiness i sidestep civility tiptoeing through shards of broken glass in circumspect attempts at noble indifference squeezing between metaphorical redundancies with the ease […]

a glimpse

there is a gentle sea where separating the sadness and the anxiety a shimmering layer where love laps at the tender agonies i float here basking in the warm suffusion aware of the fluctuations all around me but content to remain here as long as i can rare moments where peace exerts a sense of […]

distant planets and the death of childhood fancies

i have finally come to terms with the fact i will never stand upon the surface of a distant planet no glimpses of the frozen nitrogen glaciers of pluto i won’t stand there and watch as charon stays in the same place as the world spins i will never travel faster than light escape the […]


i purr my love so softly a whisper building in intensity that trembles out in a throaty growl shaking leaves from the trees in a fifty mile radius. i prowl slunk low to the ground snarling a rumble nostrils flared eyes darting in every direction all at once. i remain (un)tamed by fate lashing out […]

too close to the wrong end of the airport

the car rattles as the airplanes make their descent the shadows pass over the parking lot the sky is a sickly yellow as the sun is merciless in its immaculate ferocity and i cannot figure out a single reason anyone would come to dallas in summer a concrete disaster scarring the earth filled with angry […]


a desert of dream stumbling over shifting dunes no north star to guide me only mirages beckoning out from the endless desolation stretching as far as my mind could project the emptiness within an uncertainty where sleep becomes a tall tale on par with happily ever after and mythical home not sure if i managed […]

Death of a Soul Duet delayed

sometimes Amazon is a real <redacted> and causes delays. seems the <redacted> <redacted> pieces of <redacted> have had some issues and Death of a Soul will not be hitting the 17th release date. should be out within a few days of them for sure. sorry for the inconvenience, but the books are well worth the […]

apathy is a fine lie of sodden woe

the poison sloshes an apathetic demise a sweet fragrance sapping the will to do more than waste away buried in these words unwritten the last week has been an engagement of disinterest the buzzing of insects sheer static playing over emotional dissonance as i chart my position in depression comparative to bipolar fluctuations discontented in […]

detachment issues

i stand bereft of skin in the sandstorm of scintillating disinterest threading the eye of the needle puncturing this desolation of indecent wonder i do not know from whence i came the past in splinters slashing the collapsing heart of the storm eradicating the calm in eerie viridesecnce as the ground shudders in agony all […]

puddle jumper

in the throes of another depressive state it can seem as if the darkness is just an ocean of agonizing enforced clarity but in reality the depression is a series of mud puddles just deep enough to submerge my head the latest storm passes and it is only a matter of time before i slip […]

a garden of serpents

there is an itch in my chest i can’t tell if the seeds so carefully planted are growing or if the rot is spreading roots throughout my derelict soul hazel blossoms sprout cascading deadlight serenities onto the toxic fecundity of hope where corpsedreams flourish in the darkness showering from weeping wounds furrows carved into the […]

surf’s up

i feel like an amateur surfer unsteady on this new board unable to read the curl of the wave yet trying too hard to not get swallowed by the pull of the chalkdust circle glaring malevolently from the clear azure my feet slip tears from the saline spray the sun refracting into prismatic daggers and […]


the machine chugs a metronome of servos moving just faster than the eye can hope to follow small adjustments as the paper flows on into infinity i stand bored taking for granted the ease and innovation lost in daydreams of her and the kids gnawing at stories thinking in metaphors even i cannot quite suss […]

self portraits

i see the irony in spilling my guts yet shying away from any attention selling goods while finding the shilling to be repugnant all i ever wanted was enough not everything but a fair share to survive a life spent waiting to die the writing began as a documentary on the silliness of trying it […]

photo album

spent the night looking for pictures of my newest dead friend trying hard not to acknowledge how the fetid breath of death lingers on my neck realizing my number is due to be called any moment now seeing just how little a lifetime encompasses when i have accomplished next to nothing a stack of unread […]

two coins

every time i get a new message from someone i haven’t talked to in a very long time a cold pit opens because i have learned thanatos has taken another soul the gods damned ferry man has taken a friend across the river styx and sorrow burns unquenchable as i sip upon lethe yearning to […]

verge of collapse

i smile the same as an overpass on the verge of collapse creaking along on splintered supports trying to maintain a semblance of rigorous structure pitted iron in a storm of rusted denial a tattered sack of bonedust requiems unfurling strands where double helical dismay carried a bountiful malaise of tired regrets grit in the […]

immaculate contraception

i am the product of immaculate contraception a broken condom teenage hormones a divine disaster gone horribly awry an over emotional supernova in bipolar dissonance i look better gazed at from the rearview as you speed away from the latest in a long series of splendiferous catastrophes as the wind blows against your face on […]

two years and a hundred different lies

you shuffle the deck a piss poor gambler dealing new lies in an effort to paint yourself as the victim what was once a side effect of the global pandemic now a retroactive love triangle two years after you called and said it was time to wake up from the dream you still try to […]

three am ambulances

a brick ofdeep uneasebubbles inmy stomachthe hum ofangry hornetsa three inthe morningambulancepainted theliving roomin flashingred shadowsthe dieselvibrating themolecules ina desperatesymphony asparamedicsrolled outthree coveredcorpses fromacross the lot i am sickuncertain ofwhat i bearwitness totrapped inthis insomnialwhirlwind wherethe enginevibrates allelongated shadowsin flashingcrimson reposeis this partof a nightmarsan illusionfrom sleeplessnessmultiplied bynauseous achesthere is no soundjust the hummingof enginesdrowning […]

Death of a Soul Duet

Death of a Soul Duet. Death of a Soul: Sins and Death of a Soul: Virtues are coming soon. Pride – Scott Courturier Wrath – Stuart Stromin Envy – Chris Miller Lust – Mike Duke Greed – Ruthann Jagge Sloth – Christine Morgan Gluttony – M Ennenbach Humility – Shayne Keen Patience – Candace Nola […]

wasps and hangnails

some sorrowsdig deepa hang naildripping puswith everypained stepa stalactitein the backof your throatcarving a furrowin unshed tearspuncturingthe cardial sacreleasing ariver oflifeblood todrown everycrumb of hope some joyssting mercilesslya wasp onthe napeof your necktickling asit finds thesoftest spotto drive itsstinger deepa paralyticlosing musclecontrol asthe happinessfades back toanother memorytarnished inthe hallwaysof decrepencylingering onthrough thissoulshatterednothingness i oscillatebetwixt themunable […]

fiberglass cremation

my head is stuffed with fiberglass and my thoughts are scatteted on the warm breeze like cremation ashes today is a day for inner monologues where the ugliness is self contained rather than streamed like fresh piss upon an unwitting world

tiger trap

the fireants chewing through my guts are at war with the spiders in my brain as the caterpillar in my chest strains against the too tight cocoon keeping it trapped in a prison of ivory disdain strained tissues tear from internal pressures leaking poisons across the genetically modified fields where thorns pierce the translucence of […]

anxietal longings

a dreamy euphoria in dissociative waves crashing against trigeminal longings leaving a pulsating sphere of painblossom delusion highlighting the cracks in an infinite loop of temporary dismay an exhausting denial threading the needle between absent dejection in prismatic malaise to outright hostility painted in subtransitive shades of caged affection an affliction of numbed restraint a […]

sparrows and the ceiling

i don’t know what i expected maybe being home would relinquish the darkness of a week spent in a foreign place the sorrow would lessen and the tension itself would melt away instead i lay in my own bed staring at that familiar ceiling thinking the same things catching cat naps and whispering soft serenades […]

goodbye temple, hello hell

last morning a couple short naps to get me through as i gather my things triple checking my double check before loading up a run to mexia cross country up to little hillsboro then back home waiting for breakfast to be prepared sitting in this cell listening to traffic so many miles driven for little […]

hearne to marlin

it is impossible to tell when some of these little towns simply dried up there are people in dilapidated homes the central color is something between a piss stain and rust boarded up windows broken down cars the once scenic views turned little more than hokey nostalgia replaced with ghost towns i can tell that […]

36s to cameron (it’s about boxes i think)

there is nothing for miles latched a mental tether to the black car in front of me as i stare out at cows and goats and the occasional patch of scrubs i can tell by the shape of the pinions from a mile away if it is a crow or a hawk circling but i […]

day three in temple

planning out a circuitous route to travel today four towns spread throughout this bland corridor of central texas one last night spent haunting this hotel room then a slow drive back to a more familiar silence in a more intimate form of seclusion a phantasm seeking his own sepulchre where the sadness in nonexistence doesn’t […]

old crows and fools

the crow fought for every inch laboring low to the ground as the wind a blast furnace swirling around the overpass pummelled the poor beleaguered inky feathered splotch time slowed as i never so fully understood another creature so clearly near as i can tell this place is just one giant truck stop i have […]

(un)tethered, coming soon

(un)tethered is coming August 9th from the always wonderful Potter’s Grove Press. the last was mostly heartache, this one is the opposite. cover by my beautiful daughter, forward from one of my favorite people, River Dixon. hope you enjoy and as always, thank you for reading

36 west to gatesville

a rundown carnival three rusted rides and a few formerly brightly colored tents sits forlorn and dark in the parking lot of the tractor supply store on 36 as you enter sleepy little gatesville a museum dedicated to one man’s obsession with spurs sits across from a derelict brick building covered in posters that proclaim […]

dreary emptiness

somewhere between pacing and sitting staring at the blue accent wall of this mediocre hotel it began to rain a turgid drizzle the type i suspect falls on lonely travelers headed to a funeral powdered eggs sit by a vat of sausages a beggar’s banquet with a small machine that makes waffles in the shape […]


i have been stuck in an amniotic daydream seeing only shadows in this one size too small slice of texas the indistinguishable barrage of fast food signs cartoon beavers begging for commerce waco and temple feel like horseflies fucking on the decaying umbilical connecting dallas to austin it’s easy to maintain this funk when everything […]

fucking waco

driving in circles the one ways of waco will drive you insane going three blocks out of the way only to find the address i was given was wrong this mismanaged ordeal would have me tearing chunks of hair out if i hadn’t just shaved last night before bed which was a nonsensical gesture at […]

the next tale

the theme for the next story is isolation usually i tend to research extensively spend a few days combing the web for the kernal the tale is built upon but i know isolation so i guess this one will be more autobiographical in its nature i will spruce it up never let anyone see how […]

not today satan, but call me tomorrow

i just can’t there should be more some definitive end but i just can’t i would go to bed but the way that my heart is hammering i know i won’t sleep there is a fragility the kids are gone i feel broken at the verge of tears i just can’t if i let myself […]

good faith for bad people

for all of their bluster neither those on the left or the right wish to upset the status quo they will scream and point fingers angrily but if you pay attention they do nothing else draped in red and blue yet only beholden to the almighty green dollar parroting talking points to maintain the illusion […]

a last insult

i subsist on coffee and sorrow and this morning even my coffee maker gave up on me leaving nothing but anxiety to fill the tired places where all i have is silent reverie dismantling my tender into a caricature of my own bitter failings planning another excursion for work a traveling sideshow of bleak americana […]

pattern recognition as a survival mechanism

i spend my nights picking apart the patterns unveiling the truth hidden in a miasma of lies seeing through plausible excuses as they build up into a canvas of hidden agendas pattern recognition as a survival mechanism does as much damage to my brittle sense of self degradation as admitting it is all so much […]

scotch tape

this apathetic lethargy hollowness pulsates inside of me and i get scared when the nothing is all i truly feel threading the needle trying not to have a complete and utter breakdown i am held together with strips of scotch tape and best fucking intentions vibrating filled with angry hornets that cannot tell friend from […]

targeted ads

the targeted adskeep trying to sellme a rope as a beltif they reallyknew me at allthey would market itas a neck tieand accept the easy sale wavering betweenacceptance of futilityand the homespunanxiety born oftrying too hardboth lead to the samesleepless nightswondering why i amnever quite enoughand knowing i wasnever even close the ceiling sagsbeneath the […]

ashes of wonderment

my body aches one big bruise a goldbergian array of overly complex failings slowly toppling from within a sac of nigh translucent pink brief flashes of dying dreams a million stars winking out leaving huge swathes of swirling darkness in this semimobile eddifice to emotional erasure treading across these eggshells careful not to disturb the […]


the leaves rustle leaving a haze of indistinct duplicity the way shadows flicker and change in an eclipse no matter how hard i strain to see them they are intangible in their duality existing somewhere between two broken planes the more i stare the less sure of my place in the universe a casual observer […]

nihilistic roadrash

i can feel my malformed soul jerking in irritation inside my flesh coffin restrained by the limitations of meat and bone incapable of escape refusing to accept the chemicals are the only real part of this marionette no blue faeries or wishing upon space trash caught mid-immolation can cease the horror of existing only to […]

never so tired as freshly awakened in hell

i slept falling into the depths of my own dingy darkness a free diver lungs shrunk to the size of quarters as i was forced to plumb the schismatic ruptures within my own subnautical subconscious waking every two hours gasping for sweet oxygen fresh bruising all along my tender failings hot briny tears obscuring the […]

the moon blushes

i long to press you against the wall while tongue tastes the blood from your lower lip where ny teeth in a fury of unbridled need bit to fulfill this desperation for any part of you intermingling with me we can learn to breathe through each other in a franticness lost in a tempest of […]

fungal jungles in decline

a sickly green tinged absinthe abyss pulsating morbidly around the gleaming ruins of crumbling dreamspires jutting from the shattered roadways of this calamity of beauty a fungal jungle of creeping tendrils suffocating the light from this hopeless blight of shimmering chasms in clotted wonder blanketed in silence wrapped tightly in spidersilk to dull the softly […]

i hate these long stretches where the words are all barbed my inclination is to let my fingers trail in the water then look dismayed when i draw back bloody stumps nothing to say sitting silently listening to my guts gurgle an acidic roiling i can’t be bothered to do anything about anxious and distraught […]

standing in the light of salvation

i was standing in a ring of reds and purples cast through the stained glass windows of the baptist church large round circles depicting various iconography that while appalling to my own devout derision was appealing to my sense of color i had spent a strong five minutes basking in the beautiful windows and admiring […]


a blizzard of pollenfloating tufts ofdander driftinga veritable whiteoutin sinal dissidenceexplaining the clusterand pressure mountingjust beneath my tired eyesi weave through thissymphony of soft silencesleepwalking my wayfrom call to callcovered in pollen andlonging for home

i guess i’m only bleeding out again

the words have felt too real lately their bittersweet ecstasy of agonies a little too filled with a poignancy bordering on repugnancy trying to lose myself in other authors and the subtle mastery they effortlessly exude but then i realize i know how they make the dough i forget sometimes because the bulk of my […]

spring showers

watching the world die in real time is an anxiety inducing semi plausible suicidal situation yet i cannot make myself look away long eschewing any signs of salvation in the unflinching images of death and destruction numbed to the violence mimicking earnest reactions while feeling nothing at all self preservation as an act of intoxication […]

the ballad of american jesus

the president the governor teary eyed for the cameras wonder why oh why was there another school shooting unable to grasp this tragedy while millions clutch tightly to their crucifixes a big gulp sitting on the floor next to where their foot once was a gun on the table next to an unopened bible begging […]

empire central

i got turned around in this industrial park the sky and city both smothered in gray dodging potholes nearly large enough to swallow me whole surrounded by these cold war era east german style nondescript soot stained yellow brick buildings with angled fences dripping shiny razor wire fleets of trucks rumbling slowly as their loads […]

older now

i spent a good chunk of my life young and stupid but after many years of effort i am older now the youth molted until only the stupidity remains still doggedly chasing after the dreams of a much younger man lined with scars where my heart was torn free of my tattered sleeve facing the […]


i travel seeing the world through videos reading books and daydreaming circumnavigating my way around the globe while staying safely hidden within my tiny slice of impoverished hellchasms trapped inside this bubble unable to actually interact a ghost surfing the internet my corporeal form dying slowly as my mind races everywhere loving and living in […]

he seethes in an ocean of bitter denials

he sits seething reading along as someone else gets praised i ignore him i always ignore him any second now i can feel it he will try and spin the entirety of the conversation back to himself he always does unaware when he does the talking stops he blathers on about himself and everyone else […]


when the pointlessness sits on my chest an angry polar bear clawing red rivulets to expose dessicated organs in the midst of full on failure i busy myself with bleach and red hands scouring every crevice until it all gleams with a cleanliness fit for a failing meatbag sloughing flakes of dried skin over the […]

sunday morning armageddons

lost in the wistful crespusculance of lucent persiflage dreamscatter puffs of angular nuances a nuisance an angry cyst a weeping wound of insular distrust as the idiots gather to rattle the bars of the poetic monkey flinging shit in the silent adulation an abscess of absense gray as the skies gray as the tears monochromatic […]

cold front

the sky turned the shade of melted rainbow sherbert an orangish purple with streaks of raspberry swirls a dense color saturating the air settling over the parking lot like a deep bruise as the cold front slides in shifting the temperature down twenty five degrees the wind chimes having hung listless in the brutal heat […]

a brief wetting before the storm

the first chords of thunder sounds the leaves of the trees vibrate indistinctly as the branches curl the wind builds into a crescendo of the wailing damned screeching madness under murky gray the room is filled with the dishwasher churning rhythmically a metronome calling the unfolding tempest and my heartbeat taps in echolocation to bring […]

early mornings and late evening

it never fails to astound me when someone says they understand what i am saying when i paint the screen with bloody scratches spilled ink to fill in necrotic wounds torn open in the pursuit of beauty the poor bastards breathing the fumes of my agony seeking an answer as if this trash carries any […]

electric purple piss stains

evening pours itself to extinguish the candles leaving just an electric purple from the light pollution and the perpetual clouds my head is filled with drunk angry bukowski feeling ugly as sin pissed off with discordant noise hissing in my ears the goddamn night stuffed charcoal cotton muting an already eerily silent night in hell […]


i become an amateur mathematician adding up the things gleamed from reading between the lines double checking actions against the meanings in a series of justifications until it becomes impossible to ignore the empirical data making intuitive leaps of faithlessness to come up with complex formulas to disprove simple truths rationalizing irrationalities showing my work […]

friday morning blues

it took mea few minutesto figure outwhere i waswhen my eyes openedand the roomslowly swaminto focusi had fallen asleepon the coucha sentence lefthalf writtena cup of coffeegone cold withan oil slickcatching thefaery lightsand a dull achewhere someone hadpounded a spikethrough my templesmy neck screamedfrom the odd angleit had beensubjected tothe last two hours i drank […]

somewhere west of downtown

time to kill before the next call so i went to the park to stew with my own insidious turmoils nothing to say no one who will listen to me anyway just a hundred thousand shimmering leaves and the fattened ducks expecting snacks the sparrows found me watching among the trees heads cocked in confusion […]

3030 lbj

missed turns wrong exits driving lost in a city of confusing junctions one way disillusions spinning on a roundabout falling farther from the lines on the digital display signalling nothing but red lines as the seconds turn to hours in a scintillating display of flashing lights orange barrels and closures as the traffic piles upon […]

no need for anemic anthems

i didn’t turn onany music this morninglet the solemn silenceof the highway leechthe poisons from mysickly soul to streamalong the embankmentsof crumbling concreteguiding my chariotswept away with the otherblank faces seekingsolace in the congestedhighways leading fartherfrom comfortable bedsto joy crushing cubiclesin shades of beige dismayworking my way throughthe stories lodged inthe back of my mindtrying […]

crystalline catastrophe

all out of second chances broken dreams and a book of matches watching as the flames consume the room a long night of hushed aches sleeplessly riding the waves shuddering quakes falling apart in lonesome apathy a breadcrumb trail of crystal tears amid the briars as the birdsong drowns out the plaintive whispers of love […]

drunks and whores

when i worked on pool tables and pinball machines juke boxes and illegal gambling a few bars were open for the third shift crowd having a couple before bed at 8am and the other day drinkers were just beginning their shifts on duct tape covered wobbly barstools where they would sit until they either ran […]

urban chemo

sifting through tipped over bottles of wine needing one good swig to wash the acrid taste of half chewed pills lodged in between the empty sockets where wisdom forced its way up through bleeding gums one mouthful to swish around just enough to numb my tongue so i can get back to being fucking miserable […]


i kneel in supplication as the flames of self immolation reduce this shell to greasy smoke ash blowing in the hot texas wind just another flash of stinging grit in the unblinking gaze of forevers a roadmap of broken promises and faulty math from years spent seeking answers to questions only fools would ask as […]


when did this labyrinth of glass and steel go from being the concrete jungle to a cookie cutter slaughterhouse we have drained the last shreds of individuality from the corpse of the american dream leaving a homogenized slurry of bland gray gruel to be lapped up by greedy tongues needing the satisfaction of instant gratification […]

a question about Australia

hey poetry peeps, it’s your boy mike. how many of y’all live in Australia and can give me some tips on restaurants and such in the Sydney area? considering a trip down under, as it happens to be a dream spot to visit. thank you


there is aplastic bagheld captiveby the breezeon my patioas i stareout into thebright worldit dancesclumsily againstthe blue coolerscrambling backout of viewbefore dashingitself once againinto the offensivecooler blockingits escape route it moves withthe same pliabilityof an octopusboneless exceptfor the hidden beaktrying to finda darting fishamong the aridbleached texas coral i am a plastic flamingodriven into thecracked […]

moondreaming on a sunny afternoon in hell

i am obsessed with the chalkdust moon watching me from cerulean skies my eyes drawn to the melancholy satellite drifting trapped in the inescapable pull of the wobbly blue marble so far below maybe something in the vacancy of life a dusty rock circling romanticized yet ultimately barren pockmarked from all the impacts of errant […]

migratory hivemind of geese

when the angry over aggreasive white sports car began undulating from lane to lane cutting off the other drivers yet finding himself falling farther and farther behind the rest of the cars adopted a migratory bird type of hive mind moving in one cohesive unity to prevent his idiocy from infecting the rest of the […]

lost in between dreamflutters

i left partof myself inthe broken dreamsfeeling lesssubstantialbetween thosefleeting napsa storm of petalsfloating somewherein half slumbernow i am hollowsleepwalkingthrough the dayknowing somethinghas vanishedunsure of whatbut feelinga vacancy flutterin this prisonof yellowed ivoryif you cup yourhand to your earyou can hearmy desperate declarationsto loving heras the milesare swallowed upbeneath soft feathersin a storm ofpastel pink petals