pushing the door marked pull

camus said that the absurd is a confrontation of the human need and the unreasonable silence of the world if we cannot be one hundred percent certain than we can only be certain in ourselves while acknowledging the only true certainty is in uncertainty thus humans swim just above this ever present uncertainty electrified gelatin […]

ridiculous flight of fancy

imagine another planet far off on the otherside of the universe populated by meat puppets controlled by electrified gelatin infused with chemicals operating combustion engines encased in glass and plastic at high velocity speeding along scars rent directly into the flesh of the world that sustains them spewing poisons into the same atmosphere they choke […]


there is an absurdist beauty in a funeral during a pandemic. the grieving forced to maintain six feet of sorrow betwixt the maximum ten allowed to silently watch the box get lowered. even the clouds above seem disinclined to break the new norms. the world now has a tinge of a meth smile as everything […]