darwinian delights

in an effort to increase grain yields in china the government decided the sparrow needed to be eridicated for every million sparrows killed sixty thousand would be fed so the populace set out to exterminate the flying vermin so many lives could be saved mouths fed villages brought back from the brink but it always […]

zoo, words

i paid twenty bucks to go to the zoo should have been working but i was close and said to hell with the job for the day they wouldn’t notice and i deserve the break monotonous swill anyway push a couple buttons move on to the next and the zoo is relaxing especially in the […]

beast friend, words

when she left she took the dogs i’m not a dog person i got them for her because, at the time, i would have done anything for her and i grew to love them pains in the ass they were always needing to go out or needing attention like rowdy three year olds and when […]

gato subido un arbol

my neighbor came over and knocked on my door she was frantic gato subido un arbol i knew gato my spanish is limited to mostly profanity had she said pinche joto, cabrón, blanco diablo i would have gotten the gist she grabbed my arm insisting gato subido un arbol gato subido un arbol her daughter […]