at first the loops are gradual joyous as you cycle the outer ring as they get tighter speed up pulling you closer towards the inside until the spiral is so advanced it feels just like a precipitous plummet from safety to uncontrolled chaos ending with a gurgle of water to wash you out to sea […]

daydreams and landmines

she poured her heart onto the paper with careless abandon, an ambivalent amputation of the woes that circumnavigate her sphere of lonely sighs the rainy season reminds of long afternoons spent watching the storms as we lay naked making promises neither of us meant to get to things we both desired as the thunder sounds […]

in summary

sum up two months in one paragraph to convince the world your words are worth reading sisyphus smiles at the fool with sweat on his brow depression regression obsession a subtle denial of the sorrowful mindslate wiped clean with unacceptance the rattling jaw of a skull picked clean by unempathy’s murder of crows