it begins with the quill the pen the pencil the hammering keys the plastic board the tapping screen no it begins with a whimsy a sharp pain a barely held sob a ray of sun a biting wind anxiety depression love hate awe splendor all i know is it begins then it grabs ahold of […]

a crimson slash

she stood nude in the pale moonlight the snow crunching under her feet she appeared covered in liquid onyx her eyes reflecting the many stars above her posture tense her nipples erect as the slowly congealing blood pooled in the virgin snow around her she smiled a fierce little grin a crimson slash that promised […]

(un)titled ode XXXIV

she moves like the breeze as his heart flutters like a sparrow they dance like flakes of snow falling upon a window pane it lacks the fierceness of love but carries the weight of unspoken promise two brass gears in the back of a grandfather clock ticking in precision so softly as not to break […]