the land is at odds with the weather it is overcast drizzly yet warm with a colorful drift of leaves blowing lethargically across the pitted concrete from the glass view of my rolling sarcophagus i expect the cold winds of childhood to shred through my shirt yet the warmth feels foreign i cannot make amends […]

heavenly shape of you

i was in the middle of lilac scented dream when the angry red alarm surrounded to spill my blue form from the salmon tinted sheets the deep brown mug of energy failed to chip away the black of morose mondayism threatening to coat the emerald grass of this new day i felt marooned in off […]

color on the bayou

my sleep was filled with hanging moss and willows weeping into the lazy river winding in the back it was a black and white southern gothic syrupy accents and barely concealed tension behind an affluence of manners biting sarcasm you were there you and i were the only ones without accents, the only ones that […]