hello yes, can i speak with jason sorry, wrong number she sounded sad, dejected, hopeful to be adjacent with jason but digitally challenged instead, left hanging on the tone deaf dial tone, disconnected by a matter of numerical dissention lost love, missed connection, fake number given in the heat of the one sided moment i […]


we, she and i, speak together like two oak trees, serene, sharing a root system that spreads across the land and time she tells me the truth, unveils the things hidden from my eyes, rattles off mysteries like the voice of delphi from the depths but she is built upon a bed of diamond, beautiful […]


she smiled at me and took my order, her blue eyes and tight frame in the short shorts and too tight t-shirt balancing out the long blonde hair and all too kissable lips her accent singing with kentucky sweetness as she smiled and reached up and softly turned my earring, lamenting how it had gotten […]