sitting on a curb watching the city race around me stern faces avoid eye contact i smile to make them uncomfortable silly bastards it’s overcast it’s always overcast lately better that than the never ending summer sun baking the life out of the land i stare at the x on the road where kennedy got […]

they come to consume the dead

they come out in the night with their carts and hatchets a large diesel truck rolls down the street behind them with it’s lights off they pull the bodies of the dead and dying out of the alleys hack them into pieces and fill their carts i saw them tossing dismembered limbs into the back […]

bad brains

he glared stared seemed to be memorizing me from across the room it weirded me out a lot he had those crazy eyes that didn’t seem to focus but beared down like toxic sludge i was uncomfortable then he headed my way barreling like a locomotive i braced for the incoming impact he stood two […]