poison is the cure

the comfortable shirt hidden amongst the skeletons in my closet is made of fire retardant asbestos every time i slide it over my head i can feel the carcinogens permeate the porous surface of another day spent thinking oh poor me there is something soothing about ingesting poison and calling it the cure maybe because […]


the light pours itself through a pinprick in the sky even with my shoulder flaring in pain there is something soothing about the indirect light of a billion miles away twinkling upon me puts it all in perspective i am angry and miserable but the star doesn’t give a fuck at all so what does […]

reading dickinson

i read dickinson for the first time today see i don’t really like poetry i don’t understand it the hidden messages the undercurrent the metaphors all beyond my feeble grasp see i am not looking for the secrets of the universe hidden in prose scribbled notes on where it all went wrong no that is […]

chin up

i am sorry you have had to suffer through this congenital disease called life i only know one cure it is coming for all of us one day a wise person told me chin up so i carved a bullseye into my forehead and did as i was bade

one way retreats

is it disillusion or confusion, how did it come to this, facing hard truths and the lies seem just as bad life is a cancer, we’re all just polyps, lesions, a legion of pus filled protrusions pinching a nerve and the cure is no better than the symptom i said the cure is no better […]

lost in spam

buried in an avalanche of erectile dysfunction pills and princes who seek asylum the great deals only i have been selected to receive and the tax debt relief i didn’t know i needed under the auto warranties and mail order brides the dating sites and hot horny women in my area between car insurance rates […]